TEST Announces New Year Invasion of Stainwagon


Progodlegend of TEST Alliance announced today that as of 1 January they will be joining up with FCON, CO2, Triumvirate and friends to launch an invasion of Stainwagon space.  This space includes the regions of Paragon Soul, Esoteria, Impass as well as parts of Feythabolis and Catch. With the reason being given that Stainwagon had been friends with Goons in the past.

TEST had recently told their members to prepare for a move to Sendaya for their subcaps, and Podion for their cap fleet, both in Derelik in the southern region of New Eden. Although the official reason given was that it was difficult to grow the alliance while up in Vale, due to the proximity of PL/NC, and that they wanted to build their cap fleet up,  this move had led to speculation that they would use Derelik as a launch pad for an invasion of neighbouring areas.  Rumours were further fed a few days ago when an announcement was made that Goons were back on the menu from 1st January.

With this new invasion happening in such close proximity to Goonswarm space, it is likely that the invasion will trigger a response from GSF, so the remaining part of Winter 2016/17 looks set to have some big battles, and more explosions for everyone!

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  • DevilDude

    The ironic thing about citing stainwagon’s previous friendship with goons as a reason, is that literally not one single alliance/coalition in all of this hasn’t at one time or another been both bitter enemies to AND at another time allied with EVERY SINGLE OTHER ENTITY named.

    December 29, 2016 at 12:48 AM
  • Ganthrithor

    “With the reason being given that Stainwagon had been friends with Goons in the past.”

    This is fucking hilarious on so many levels. I remember Stain Empire being a thing back in 2007 when they came and fucked with Goons as we expanded west. They’ve been lodged down in that area since the beginning of time. I’m sure TEST and their shitty band of fair-weather friends will have so much fun trying to dislodge one of the oldest groups in the game, who happen to have a great big NPC region at their disposal right nextdoor as a fallback. Yeah. Good luck with that.

    December 30, 2016 at 9:40 AM