TEST Leaves Vale


Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) recently held a State-of-the-Alliance (SOTA). CEO Sapporo Jones announced TEST will be abandoning Vale of the Silent in order to move south to Derelik for the near future. Circle of Two, TEST’s allies, were recently evicted from Tribute and moved nearby to Curse. Sapporo Jones, while on the Meta Show, said that Drone Walkers may ally with TEST in the future. Opposing alliances Gentlemen’s Club and Shadow Cartel moved nearby to Curse as well.

TEST held Vale for almost 9 month when they took Vale from The Bastion during World War Bee(WWB).

With Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition’s proximity stunting the alliance’s growth, Sapporo Jones said that the alliance would be leaving Vale to move down south. TEST will be taking a break over the holidays as they wait for members to deploy down to Podion. The offensive to take new space begins January. Progodlegend explains the goal.

We’re not taking new space to find a home or to rat a little bit. We’re taking new space to gather the resources to build the super and capital fleet that will make us the superpower we need to be in this game. Our singular goal is to finally take that final step. We are going to get the resources to do that and the space that will allow us to build that cap fleet but we have to focus entirely on it” -Progodlegend

TEST saw more than 1000 people logged in for the post SOTA move ops.

On January 1, there are several likely targets for TEST’s invasion. Directly bordering Derelik are Providence, Great Wildlands, and Curse. Both Great Wildlands and Curse are NPC space which makes living there long term unfeasible. Providence is very dug in to their space—almost every system has a station or citadel. Activity Defense Multipliers (ADM) are extremely high, making Entosis Ops difficult. TEST lived in Wicked Creek prior to WWB. Tenerifis could be an option for TEST. It is remote enough to deter other alliances from deploying there, allowing TEST to focus on building up their capital fleet.

Other likely options for invasion are Scalding Pass or perhaps a return to Wicked Creek. TEST’s old staging, U-HVIX in Wicked Creek, is currently claimed by Iron Armada. Wicked Creek is not particularly valuable space, but it is a region TEST knows well. It is also controlled by much smaller alliances. Scalding Pass has many of the same benefits going for it. It is slightly closer to Derelik and has better connections to the surrounding regions.

A complete recording of the SOTA is below:




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  • Andrew Sturgis

    Thanks for getting the recording and writing this up. It will be interesting to see if this move works out for TEST.

    December 18, 2016 at 2:14 AM
  • Darrk

    “almost every station has a station or citadel.” Lol
    “Opposing alliances Gentlemen’s Club” who is dead with 1 member and 1 corp in it

    Okay article though as you haven’t explored every where they might go

    December 18, 2016 at 9:51 AM
  • amarshall9000

    I am proud of TEST for making a smart decision.

    December 23, 2016 at 9:09 PM
    • amarshall9000 amarshall9000

      I’m sorry I take it back. TEST as a supercapital powerhouse is laughable. Its Im dying of laughter. There are too many spais. WAY to many. I guess it is feasible, but I think TEST should work on their branding and their intelligence gathering. I think victories are the key to holding an alliance together. Not necessarily big battle victories, just something exciting like maybe a supercap gank or kill here or there. Test is always the battered wife and trying to become a “supercap power” without addressing thier gapping intelligence hole is basically saying. Hi guys, we are looking to rebuild somewhere that PL can quietly prepare to gank us. We are building up an arsenal to wave a big dick around and proclaim that we are important; however, we will likely just end up as dank killboard porn for PL/ whatever hunter groups. I say this as a former TEST member who is affectionate towards TEST. UGGG… I can see the posting already. Does TEST even have a reliable supercapital FC. They do realize that supercapitals are pretty much useless without good FCs. Its like TEST is never evolving. They are always trying to win by doing things by the book. They don’t adapt to thier enmey, or take means to curtail spying like Goons… ugggg Im sorry for rantr.

      December 23, 2016 at 9:18 PM