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19 Editorial

Progodlegend’s Disingenuous TEST Townhall

Gwailar 2021-08-20

On Sunday, August 15, TEST Military Commander Progodlegend (PGL) hosted a townhall meeting for TEST members. It marked the first since the collapse of the PAPI coalition and their 13-month failed invasion of Imperium space. PGL is a relaxed, confident…

8 Eve Online

Legacy Town Hall: It’s The Servers Again!

Aneu 2021-05-25

On May 23, a joint TEST & Legacy town hall was held by ProGodLegend himself. To say this town hall if a gift to anyone who listens to it is an understatement. The first ten minutes of the town hall…

18 Op-Ed

The Big Lie

Aneu 2021-03-04

Nullsec politics in EVE is fascinating. The characters, the geopolitical moves—the sheer manpower required to run some alliances is equivalent to that in real life corporations. It is the driver behind some of the most compelling reasons to play. At…

6 News

Snuff Bluffs

Gwailar 2021-02-27

After destroying the Tranquility Trading Consortium’s (TTC) lowsec holdings in Ignoitton last week, lowsec power Snuffed Out (Snuff) announced its intention to mount a similar attack on TTC’s primary holdings, situated in the highsec system of Perimeter. Snuff’s sabre rattling…

11 News

Battle Report: The Imperium Fights Back in 8WA-Z6

Elthar Nox 2021-02-18

Imperium forces successfully repelled PAPI attempts on Wednesday to control all systems in the O-EIMK constellation, home to their capital of 1DQ-A. In a grueling fight that saw equal numbers form from both sides, the Imperium emerged victorious winning the…

15 Analysis

PAPI’s Current War Strategy

Seir Luciel 2021-02-17

This piece does not aim to analyze some of the minutia of EVE wartime tactics. The specifics of ship doctrine, fleet makeup, the tactics used when assaulting structures, etc., are not the focus of this evaluation. Rather, I will look…

20 Analysis

Legacy Leaders Discuss Future Plans

Gray Doc 2021-01-16

In New Eden, with the second battle of M2 proving so costly for PAPI, several of their leaders have updated their troops on the current state of their respective alliances, including plans for busting out of the M2 hellcamp and…

13 Op-Ed

TEST’s Sword of Damocles

Cato Azizora 2021-01-05

A lot of nonsense gets tossed around regarding World War Bee and the Imperium’s supposed demise. Yet despite fighting outnumbered for so many months, the invader’s assured victory seems rather tenuous. Claims on Querious seem mixed and confused. Period Basis,…

12 News

World War Bee: Week 26

Ban Syrin 2021-01-04

Week 26 of World War Bee was one of, if not THE, most consequential weeks of the war to date, with five more total actions and the most expensive battle in EVE Online history, an unprecedented change over week 25….

4 News

Move Ops Lose Five Titans

mistwarden 2021-01-02

Move ops in various regions went sideways today when a total of five Siberian Squads, TEST, and Fraternity titans were intercepted on their way to the M2-XFE Keepstar final timer fight. There were no survivors. In addition, a TEST Anshar…

16 Op-Ed

TEST’s ‘Reasonable’ Victory

Seir Luciel 2020-12-29

There has been some talk, some mocking and some boasting, about TEST leader Progodlegend’s (PGL) announcement that they will be moving into Delve when the war is over. But what should we make of this announcement, as either a member…

9 News

World War Bee: Week 25

Ban Syrin 2020-12-28

Week 25 of World War Bee was basically even with week 24, with 27 noteworthy hostile actions and a few major battles, outside of border skirmishes, per INN’s tracking. Action was as diverse as the prior week, with Delve, Querious,…

3 News

World War Bee: Week 23

Ban Syrin 2020-12-14

Week 23 of World War Bee was busier than the rather quiet week 22, with 27 total hostile actions and a few major fights, outside of border skirmishes, per INN’s tracking. Action was largely in the Southwest, although Catch in…

3 News

World War Bee: Week 22

Ban Syrin 2020-12-07

Week 22 of World War Bee was slower than the hectic week 21, with 20 hostile actions and a handful of notable fights, outside of the border gate war, per INN’s tracking. Action was predominantly in and around Delve, although…