World War Bee: Week 22


Week 22 of World War Bee was slower than the hectic week 21, with 20 hostile actions and a handful of notable fights, outside of the border gate war, per INN’s tracking. Action was predominantly in and around Delve, although some notable events did occur elsewhere.

The ISK split in the war zone of the Southwest is holding steady at 65% to 35% for the attackers. The belligerents have lost a total of nearly 51 trillion ISK, up two trillion week over week, with 460,870 ships lost, an increase of 23 thousand week over week.

Across New Eden, since July 1, the ISK divide is 54.3% to 45.7% in favor of the attackers, a slight improvement for the Imperium. The belligerents have lost 64.5 trillion ISK, an increase of 2.5 trillion week over week, with 543,194 ships lost, and an increase of 26 thousand ships week over week. The average ship cost 119 million ISK. A rough estimate of the real world cost of the war is no less than 896,000 USD/672,000 GBP/753,000 EUR.

There were four fights in week 22 that exceeded 20 billion ISK in total losses that did not take place in 1DQ1-A or T5ZI-S. In three of those engagements, the Imperium accomplished their strategic objectives, while PAPI Coalition forces accomplished their objective in one. This does not include the Brave alliance titan pilot who gated to 1DQ1-A on a Valhalla ride before leaving the game, although many accounts suggest that many players had lots of fun in the ensuing fight.

The three major theaters are the North (Fountain and the border with Aridia and Cloud Ring as well as northern Delve), the South (the rest of Delve, Querious, and Period Basis), and the East (Paragon Soul, Stain, and Esoteria).


The North’s wild west atmosphere continued in week 22. Solo capitals are regularly being ganked by opportunistic gangs. Since The Initiative is re-deploying forward once more and leaving fewer combat resources in Fountain, Lowsechnaya Sholupen and Northern Coalition have both made additional incursions into Fountain, taking more iHubs in the region in entryway constellations from Delve and Aridia.


The Eastern theater saw The Bastion’s siege of Northern Esoteria hit some speed bumps. By the end of the week, Army of Mangoes retook some of the iHubs in the heavily contested constellations. But early in the week, there were some big headlines by whaling fleets and a siege group. Sunday, Imperium and Stain Russians fleets brought dreadnoughts and Cerberuses to siege a hostile Tatara, killing 50.6 billion ISK for 15.9 billion in losses. Later in the day, an Imperium whaling fleet dropped on some Rorquals, killing 26.1 billion ISK for 2.1 billion in losses.

Additionally, Bastion’s Delta Squad killed some citadels, including a Tatara and an Athanor.


The Southern theater’s was largely dominated by structure bashes and conflict between 1DQ1-A and T5ZI-S. Sunday saw a relatively lopsided border battle report with the Imperium losing 24.9 billion ISK to 9.9 billion for PAPI. Monday saw Goons lose a Tatara in Fake Querious, as well as another big border disparity with the Imperium losing 49 billion ISK to 32.4 billion for PAPI. Tuesday’s border disparity was much narrower, as the Imperium killed 27.6 billion ISK for 31.3 billion in losses.

Wednesday had some additional action as Goons lost a Fortizar in Period Basis and a Sotiyo in Fake Querious. The border battle report favored the Imperium for the first time in Week 22, with the Imperium killing 34.1 billion ISK for 26.6 billion in losses. Thursday was relatively quiet. Goons lost a faction Fortizar in Period Basis, while the border war showed the Imperium killing 32.7 billion ISK for 19 billion in losses.

One of the first major actions of the week in Delve, outside of the two staging systems, took place in 5-CQDA as Imperium Cerberuses and Muninns fought PAPI Eagles, Muninns, and Jackdaws. The Imperium took the worst of it, losing 30 billion ISK for 20.4 billion in kills. The Imperium also lost a Fortizar in Fake Querious and a faction Fortizar in Period Basis.

The border battle report was even, with the Imperium slightly ahead, killing 25 billion for 22.1 billion in losses. Saturday was one of the busiest days of week 22 in the South, as Imperium fleets saved one Fortizar in C3N-3S and lost the other, but killed 29.6 billion for 23.3 billion in losses. The Imperium later rescued a Fortizar in Period Basis, killing 2.7 billion for 2.2 billion in losses.

Lastly, the border battle report was considerably spicier for Saturday as a Brave Collective titan pilot elected to gate through to 1DQ. He was heavy interdictor pointed and tackled so he couldn’t escape, as some people on the PAPI Keepstar feared he was trying to defect. He made it through anyway and a fight kicked off, as he celebrated the end of his time playing EVE in style ahead of finishing nursing school.

At time of writing, TEST began anchoring another Keepstar in QY1E-N in Fake Querious and also sieged through the shield of the HIX4-H Keepstar shield, meaning either of the two could be a flash point in week 23.


Additional news around the galaxy came from a leak on r/EVE showing that the Fraternity holding-corporation wallet had once again been drained, leaving a 1.1 trillion ISK deficit. Additionally, the Imperium finally lost its faction Fortizar in Impass, that was turned over by a defector from Requiem Eternal, to a Legacy siege fleet.

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  • William Doe

    1.1T ISK lost for FRAT is pretty much a grain of sand in a desert. With a botting empire that they have, that’d get easily replaced in a very short amount of time.

    December 7, 2020 at 10:58 AM
    • Wilhelm Arcturus William Doe

      And then CCP does a rinse and repeat and takes it all again.

      December 7, 2020 at 9:13 PM
  • Guilford Australis

    PAPI has painted itself into a corner by establishing its staging in T5ZI. Now people actually expect results from them. They did that thing people sometimes do where they keep promising if they can only reach the next benchmark, the whole project will finally come together. Well, they’ve hit the last benchmark and can’t keep making excuses for why The Imperium is still sitting around chortling and sipping Scotch in Delve.

    Oh well. At least they got Reddit head-pats. And Reddit head-pats are what this war is all about.

    December 7, 2020 at 1:49 PM