The Imperium

16 Eve Online

Asher Ascends to the Apex of the Alliance

Romulus Loches 2022-07-29

Yesterday in a mid-week Fireside Chat it was announced that Asher Elias will be the new leader of Goonswarm Federation and the Imperium Coalition. He gave a short speech that he had specifically prepared for the occasion which has been…

5 Eve Online

Battle Report: 0SHT-A Hits the Fan

Elthar Nox 2021-11-12

The Imperium and the coalition formerly known as PAPI scrapped again in the system of 0SHT-A in Curse. The battle in late EUTZ saw over 2000 pilots clash in a heavy TiDi brawl, with PAPI unable to make any progress…

1 Analysis

The Interim War Period and You!

Adreland Deninard 2021-11-10

About a month after the end of Eve Online’s recent galactic war between the forces of the Imperium and PAPI, a friend who is fairly new to the game shot me a message over Discord: “So, when does the next…

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Imperium Ends M2 Hellcamp

Gwailar 2021-03-07

After an unprecedented nine weeks on grid, the Imperium announced the end of the M2 hellcamp today. “Eventually these things have to end,” Imperium leader The Mittani said in Saturday’s Fireside chat. “This has been the longest hellcamp in the…

10 Analysis

Horde and Goon: A Conversation About M2

Multiple Authors 2021-03-06

[Editor’s Note: Seir Luciel is a staff writer at INN and a member of Pandemic Horde. Gray Doc is an editor at INN and a member of the Imperium] Seir Luciel: I’ve been hearing quite a bit of talk about…

13 Propaganda

No Retreat, No Surrender

Elthar Nox 2021-03-05

The Mittani (PBUH) tightened the great shieldwall of the Imperium last weekend in a rousing fireside speech that announced his intentions for the next stage in the war. Like Leonidas at Thermopylae, but with better abs, he declared, “There is…

18 Op-Ed

The Big Lie

Aneu 2021-03-04

Nullsec politics in EVE is fascinating. The characters, the geopolitical moves—the sheer manpower required to run some alliances is equivalent to that in real life corporations. It is the driver behind some of the most compelling reasons to play. At…

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World War Bee: Week 34

Ban Syrin 2021-03-01

Week 34 of World War Bee was about the same as week 33, with 25 fights and 50 hostile actions. Delve, Catch, and Immensea largely dominated the action. The link for INN’s cumulative New Eden campaign report is here. Since…

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World War Bee: Week 33

Ban Syrin 2021-02-22

Week 33 of World War Bee was slower than week 33, with 26 fights and 52 hostile actions. Delve and Legacy’s backfields in the East were the two largest battlegrounds. [Editor’s Note: The link for INN’s cumulative battle tracker is here….

9 Op-Ed

The Role of Honor in EVE

Seir Luciel 2021-02-18

For much of my gaming career I played a game called “Warhawk.” In the game you could fly and battle in a plane, and there was this item pickup that allowed you to cloak your plane if you wanted to…

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Battle Report: The Imperium Fights Back in 8WA-Z6

Elthar Nox 2021-02-18

Imperium forces successfully repelled PAPI attempts on Wednesday to control all systems in the O-EIMK constellation, home to their capital of 1DQ-A. In a grueling fight that saw equal numbers form from both sides, the Imperium emerged victorious winning the…

36 Analysis

Is PAPI Winning?

Gwailar 2021-02-16

“When you cant defend forts in delve that is a clear sign you are losing.” — Redditor comment on PAPI’s recent activity in Delve. Delve is burning. In the two and a half weeks since the M2 breakout on Jan…

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World War Bee: Week 32

Ban Syrin 2021-02-15

Week 32 of World War Bee was busier than week 31, with 24 fights and 59 total hostile actions. Delve and Immensea continued to be the two busiest regions as well as movements within Legacy as Brave sprung leaks and…

27 Op-Ed

BRAVE’s Leak – What Does It Mean?

Elthar Nox 2021-02-12

Leaked conversations from a BRAVE leadership channel reveal severe cracks within their command structure, doubts relating to their strategy, and concerns about the war. In what is probably the largest breach of operational security the war has seen, logs from…