The Imperium

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World War Bee: Week 31

Ban Syrin 2021-02-08

Week 31 of World War Bee was busier than week 30, with 28 fights and 42 total hostile actions. Delve, Period Basis, and Immensea dominated headlines for the week as well as the announcement that Siberian Squads, an alliance who…

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The Myth of ‘Ceric the Cyno Killer’

Elthar Nox 2021-02-06

The Battle of Big’s Disco Palace, the Massacre of M2-, the M2 Boogaloo – we have all heard the names, we’ve all heard the stories, but how did the battle come about? The propaganda from the aftermath was everywhere, but…

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Battle Report: PAPI Takes M2- iHub

Elthar Nox 2021-02-01

Sunday night saw the PAPI coalition overwhelm the Imperium with vastly superior numbers and flip the M2-XFE iHub. In a pitched battle stretching over five systems and involving nearly 4,000 capsuleers, PAPI claimed the strategically vital objective. The loss prevents…

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World War Bee: Week 30

Ban Syrin 2021-02-01

Week 30 of World War Bee was slightly less busy than week 29, with 31 fights and 37 hostile actions. Delve largely dominated the headlines while some of the Eastern front hosted lots of action. The link for INN’s cumulative…

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Battle Report: Clash in Catch

Elthar Nox 2021-01-31

The Initiative (INIT) continued its scourge of Catch by destroying a BRAVE fleet Saturday and anchoring structures in U-QVWD. Away from the frontlines of Delve, an INIT Muninn fleet, with support from Deepwater Hooligans, successfully defended an anchoring Fortizar under…

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Battle Report: Flipping the NJU-QV Constellation

Elthar Nox 2021-01-29

Thursday night once again drew attention to the constellation of NJU-QV as thousands of players once more descended on the system of M2-XFE. This time the battle was for control of the iHub in this and neighbouring systems. Although dwarfed…

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Battle Report: The Fight for SPNZ-Z

Elthar Nox 2021-01-28

Monday night forces from the Imperium and PAPI clashed for control of vital systems within the SPNZ-Z constellation with the fight seeing over 2,600 pilots converge. The constellation contains some vital Keepstar systems that are critical to both attacker and…

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My Fellow PAPI Members: Post M2

Seir Luciel 2021-01-27

By comparison, I have never regarded myself as one of the more bloodthirsty PAPI members in this war. I have mentioned before that PAPI’s talk of extermination was never meant to be taken as literally as Goons have taken it….

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World War Bee: Week 29

Ban Syrin 2021-01-25

Week 29 of World War Bee was almost exactly even with week 28, with 30 fights and 39 hostile actions. Delve and its environs dominated the action of the week. INN’s cumulative theater tracker is still experiencing some database issues,…

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WWB: Is the End in Sight?

Robert Miller 2021-01-22

The M2 Massacre, as it’s been called by some, has markedly shifted the narrative of World War Bee, for both Imperium and PAPI members. Temporarily misplacing some 300 titans in a bubble farm can’t be a good thing no matter…

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World War Bee: Week 28

Ban Syrin 2021-01-18

Week 28 of World War Bee picked up from a quieter week 27, with 29 fights and 39 total hostile actions. Delve and Catch were very busy with a number of big fights, although Querious and others saw fights. INN’s…

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World War Bee: Week 22

Ban Syrin 2020-12-07

Week 22 of World War Bee was slower than the hectic week 21, with 20 hostile actions and a handful of notable fights, outside of the border gate war, per INN’s tracking. Action was predominantly in and around Delve, although…

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World War Bee: Week 21

Ban Syrin 2020-11-29

Week 21 of World War Bee was busier than week 20, with 30 hostile actions and 13 notable fights, outside of the action on the 1DQ1-A/T5ZI-S border gates, per INN’s tracking. Action was predominantly in and around Delve. The ISK…

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Requiem for Requiem

Robert Miller 2020-11-13

Requiem Eternal was deleted early Friday when someone with roles in its executor corp disbanded the alliance, removing sov in Impass, Catch, Querious and Tenerfis and flipping infrastructure ownership. Alliance and corp assets valued at approximately 400b ISK were also…