World War Bee: Week 21


Week 21 of World War Bee was busier than week 20, with 30 hostile actions and 13 notable fights, outside of the action on the 1DQ1-A/T5ZI-S border gates, per INN’s tracking. Action was predominantly in and around Delve.

The ISK split in the war zone of the Southwest is holding steady at roughly 65% to 36% in favor of the attackers. In theater, the belligerents have lost 48.9 trillion ISK, up 2.6 trillion week over week, with 437,496 ships lost, up 27 thousand in the same time.

Across New Eden, since July 1, the ISK divide is now 54.5% to 45.5% in favor of the attackers. The belligerents have lost 62 trillion ISK, up 3.3 trillion week over week, with 516,811 ships lost, up 30 thousand week over week. The average ship lost cost roughly 120 million ISK. A rough estimate of the real world cost of the war is no less than 862,000 USD/646,000 GBP/724,000 EUR.

There were eight fights in week 21 that exceeded 20 billion ISK lost. The Imperium achieved its strategic goals in four of those fights, while the PAPI coalition achieved their goals in the other four. Only one fight had total losses in excess of 100 billion, an impromptu fight over a PAPI Ragnarok gating through Delve. This number does not include the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Shoot where Imperium members caught a faction supercarrier and titan off tether on the Keepstar in T5ZI-S, since that will be included in border summary BRs.

The three major theaters are the North (Fountain and the border with Aridia and Cloud Ring as well as northern Delve), the South (the rest of Delve, Querious, and Period Basis), and the East (Paragon Soul, Stain, and Esoteria).


Fountain continues to be a relatively wild area as The Initiative is basing out of stations in NPC Fountain. Members of the leadership group of the Imperium corporation The Dysfunctionals were discovered attempting to defect to the Lord of Worlds Alliance under the PAPI Coalition while supercapitals belonging to certain leaders “in the know”. Relatively quickly, the defection was reported to alliance leadership and the corporation was kicked summarily. Many members of the corporation returned to the Imperium coalition while The Dysfunctionals’ CEO sold their Fortizar in Fountain to Horde, which some Initiative members were using as a stop-over point while shipping to NPC Delve.

Major combat operations in the North largely began late in the week as Horde and the rest of PAPI assaulted iHubs in the NJU-QV constellation. The Imperium formed some Feroxes to battle hostile Feroxes, trading 1.5 billion ISK in losses for 1.8 billion in kills, although largely losing the iHubs. Action continued Friday as an Imperium fleet showed up to contest a Fortizar timer in Y-2ANO, losing 9.3 billion ISK for 5.7 billion in kills.


Action in the East continues to be related to Imperium guerrilla groups and forward-deployed alliances leading siege efforts to assault sovereignty in Esoteria, Catch, and elsewhere. Action began Sunday when Stain Russians destroyed a TEST Fortizar in Stain. Later in the week, an Imperium whaling group got the drop on some capitals and a super in Esoteria, killing 50.5 billion ISK for 11 billion in losses. The Bastion also killed a TEST Tatara in Esoteria.


Action in the South began Sunday with a fight in D-W where Imperium FC John Hartley caught a Ragnarok titan gating through Delve. When the dust cleared, Goons killed 100.4 billion ISK for 72.2 billion in losses. At the end of the day, the action across the staging border saw each side lose about 81 billion ISK. Action continued Monday with the Imperium losing some structure defenses. It began with a fight on a Sotiyo armor timer, with PAPI killing 35 billion for 14 billion in losses. Then it continued in PUIG-F as the PAPI Coalition were able to kill a Tatara in the face of some Imperium Feroxes and Cerberuses, killing 48.6 billion, including the Tatara, for 8.4 billion ISK in losses. Goons also lost an Azbel and another Tatara. The border war battle report was relatively lopsided as the Imperium lost a Tatara in T5ZI, losing a total of 62.1 billion ISK on the day versus PAPI losting 40.4 billion.

Tuesday was a bit slower with a fight in E-VKJU in Fake Querious over a Fraternity Fortizar, with the Imperium taking 7.8 billion ISK in losses and killing 5.8 billion. Later in the day, Goons lost a Fortizar in Period Basis. The border war battle report was close to even with Goons losing three Athanors and a Raitaru in T5ZI, losing a total of 67.3 billion ISK for 58.5 billion in kills. Wednesday was also relatively slow as Goons lost a Tatara. The Mittani also published a new War Update called “Our Finest Hour”. The border war battle report was again lopsided as the Imperium took 51 billion ISK in losses to PAPI’s 33.8 billion.

Thursday was busier as a fight broke out over a faction Fortizar in Period Basis, with the Imperium losing 56.8 billion ISK and killing 4.9 billion. The bad breaks for the Imperium continued when PAPI dropped capitals on some Imperium Muninn and Harpy fleets, killing 22.9 billion ISK for 7.2 billion in losses. Structure bashes continued with Goons losing a Fortizar. The border war battle report for the day shows pretty heavy losses for the Imperium, some 82 billion of which was a TNT Sotiyo in T5ZI, comprising the bulk of the Imperium’s 117.4 billion ISK loss versus the 42.4 billion killed.

Friday was an interesting day as Goons dropped bombers on some dreadnoughts in HM-XR2, killing 6.3 billion for 290 million in losses. The border war battle report for the day shows the massive loss of a Revenant faction supercarrier and Leviathan titan on the Keepstar in T5ZI-s. The Imperium killed 307 billion for 113 billion in losses. Saturday was interesting as CCP’s local chat servers were bugged, making it difficult for players to detect hostile forces and allowing the Imperium to bring more forces to bear on the W6V iHub fight in Querious, killing 21.9 billion ISK for 2.1 billion in losses, as well as resetting the Keepstar system’s iHub. During some other sov fights, the Imperium dropped bombers on a HAW dread in southern Delve, killing 3.3 billion ISK for 579 million in losses. The border war battle report was again lopsided for PAPI forces as they killed two Astrahuses and a faction Fortizar in T5ZI-S, netting 61.3 billion ISK in kills for 27.2 billion in losses.


Tuesday, Dreadbomb dropped the hammer on an Evictus Avatar in Derelik, killing its nearly 78 billion ISK fit.

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  • Simon Chui

    Great work keeping track of the action, as always.

    December 1, 2020 at 12:51 AM