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World War Bee: Week 18

Ban Syrin 2020-11-09

Week 18 of World War Bee was slightly slower than week 17, with 24 hostile actions and 17 fights, per INN’s tracking. Delve largely dominated the headlines, although some other losses around New Eden punctuated the week’s action. The ISK…

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BRAVE: We’re In Delve Now

Robert Miller 2020-10-26

Brave Collective’s Dunk Dinkle posted a “Not a SOTA” state of the alliance video over the weekend in which he asked his members to stop name calling and shitposting, move their stuff to YZ9, expect the war to go on…

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The Battle of 49-U6U

Ban Syrin 2020-09-27

Between midnight Wednesday and the early hours of Thursday morning, thousands of pilots formed for an Imperium Fortizar armor timer on the Keepstar grid in 49-U6U. As fleets began to fill with eager capsuleers hoping to fire their guns in…

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World War Bee: Week 11

Ban Syrin 2020-09-21

Week 11 of World War Bee saw a significant uptick from the previous week’s lull, back in line with week nine’s numbers. Battles finally began to kick off in Querious, although some of the late-week confrontations were less than satisfying…

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Legacy SOTA: Math and Maps

Robert Miller 2020-09-20

In a stunning display of waffling, TEST military directors Progodlegend (PGL) and Vily held a brief state of the alliance (SOTA) meeting earlier today in which Vily said the chances of their forces winning the war with the Imperium were…

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Metrics that Matter

Cato Azizora 2020-09-17

The fall of Fountain was lauded as a major accomplishment by the attacking PanFam forces. It would be dishonest to pretend that losing Fountain and the structures in the region did not hurt, despite many assets being evacuated beforehand. It…

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The Rhetoric of War: A Double-Edged Sword

SeirLuciel 2020-09-16

The horn has been blown and, apparently, many Imperium members are answering the call. But old Goons aren’t the only ones who’ve heard the sound of the horn. Calls for aid aren’t shouted into an empty void; the Imperium’s enemies…

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Goon and Horde: A Conversation

Gray Doc 2020-09-03

This article was co-written by Graydoc and Seir Luciel. Editor’s Note: The following is a conversation between the author and his son, Seir Luciel. The author is a member of the Imperium, and his son is a member of Pandemic…

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World War Bee: Week Six

Ban Syrin 2020-08-17

Week six of World War Bee saw lots of critical action as PandaFam kicked over more sandcastles in Fountain and began knocking on the Northern door to Delve. Action raged across both major theaters as the ISK split in the…

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World War Bee: Week Five

Ban Syrin 2020-08-10

Week five of World War Bee saw more hostile action than either of the last two weeks as PandaFam continued to clean up Imperium citadels in Fountain and skirmishes simmered across Querious, Period Basis, Esoteria, and Paragon Soul. The ISK…

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World War Bee: Week Four

Ban Syrin 2020-08-03

Week four of World War Bee saw a fair amount of action, and some major strategic shifts. The ISK split in the major theaters continues to be roughly 60%-40% in favor of the attackers. In the two main theaters of…

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World War Bee: Week Three

Ban Syrin 2020-07-27

Three weeks into World War Bee and the advantage between its parties has stabilized at about a 60-40% ISK loss split. That equals roughly 2.9 trillion ISK lost by the Imperium and 2 trillion ISK by PandaFam and Legacy. By aggregating battle…

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This is Why we Fight

Diclorian Pilot 2020-07-25

I’m a fleet commander in the Imperium. A friend presented me with an idea for a job a week before the end of the NIP. I was told to gather my pilots. That means people with whom I fly, but also…

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Are Goons Bad For EVE?

Cato Azizora 2020-07-24

Every time there is a war against Goonswarm, and by extension the Imperium as a whole, a propaganda myth emerges. Since the time of Band of Brothers the claim that “Goons are bad for EVE” has been heard. Even the…