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World War Bee: Week Two

Ban Syrin 2020-07-20

Two weeks into World War Bee and New Eden’s null sec war has finally had a major engagement. Fountain was extremely busy as PandaFam and associates battered the castle doors, taking down some iHubs in the region. The total ISK…

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Foolish Gambit Please Ignore

Cato Azizora 2020-07-09

When analyzing the EVE Online game board, one needs to take into account past events, how they will impact the present, and what the future will entail in consequence. Test Alliance Please Ignore has played their card, hoping for a…

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NIP’s End Sees Cross Region Fights

Ban Syrin 2020-07-06

In the 24-hours following the end of the Non-Invasion Pact (NIP) between Legacy and the Imperium fights have erupted across the southwestern edges of New Eden. Imperium forces rallied to defend their space in brief skirmishes in 1-SMEB and 1DQ1-A,…

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Paragon Soul hit by mass Entosis

mistwarden 2020-07-06

Shortly after the NIP ended between Legacy and the Imperium on July 5, Imperium forces descended on the region of Paragon Soul to set 35 entosis timers into action. In addition, 10 jump bridges, nine cyno beacons, and miscellaneous citadels were…

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Progodlegend SOTA: EVE is Dying

Robert Miller 2020-07-05

Test military commander Progodlegend (PGL) told his line members July 5 that the well known “EVE is dying” meme is “more convincing” today than it has been in the past. He said that “most people blame CCP” for this state…

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Goons Survive and Thrive

Ban Syrin 2020-07-01

The war drums are beating. Shouts of ‘the end of Goons’ and ‘the birth of a new nullsec’ are heard across New Eden. The ruckus comes as a result of Legacy ending its three-year Non-Invasion Pact with the Imperium on…

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ProGodLegend: TEST Prepares for ‘War of Annihilation’

Robert Miller 2020-06-30

TEST Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) is preparing for “total war”. That is the position of ProGodLegend, Military Commander for TEST. The surprise admission came during a June 28 alliance ‘town hall’ meeting. During the same meeting, TEST claimed to have…

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Why Another Megawar Might be Coming to EVE Online

Jin'taan 2020-06-26

In the last few weeks there’s been an explosion of propaganda, dank memes, and general shitposting rocking the community, and all of it has centered around one theme – war between the Imperium and Legacy. So, today, we’re going to…

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Imperium Joins Fighting Against Hard Knocks

Calyle Morrison 2020-03-09

While the CSM were holding their winter summit with CCP, chaos struck the system of J164430 on March 5th. Hard Knocks, Lazerhawks, and several other K-Space null groups poured into the system to evict TDSIN. The move came while Exookiz,…

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Renting Period Basis – At a Steep Discount

Erick Asmock 2019-02-24

Today on The Meta Show, Aryth announced Imperium plans to make Period Basis a rental region.  This confirms the speculation many have offered as the end game of the work of the last two months. In recent months, The Imperium…

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Geminate: The Million Dollar Invasion

Moomin Amatin 2019-01-08

tldr: Three years ago in Eve Online, an invasion caused the destruction of  hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of in-game stuff, an action that made gaming news. After that invasion, known as The Casino War, EVE’s greatest player The…

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“Knocked Out”

Sister Bliss 2018-12-18

Leadership Update #58, 16/12/2018, “Knocked Out” A week ago we launched a surprise assault on “Hard Knocks” within the wormhole system of J115405, otherwise known as “Rage”, our target to destroy the first Keepstar citadel to have been built –…

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Pilot Enjoys Losing Carriers; Imperium and BRAVE Join Forces to Relieve Him of a Nyx

Savvy Kneel 2018-06-17

An aggrieved party seeks revenge on those he believes have done him wrong. He hatches a plot and seeks assistance from those in a position to help. With a plan in place, he eagerly sets out to carry out his…

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A Bigger Boat

David Matterall 2018-01-21

One of my favorite moments in film is the famous jump-scare in “Jaws:” Brodi chums the waters to attract the eponymous man-eating shark, but when the beast peeps its head out the water, the tables are turned – the hunter becomes…