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Lessons Learned the Hardest Way

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-15

In a sandbox environment – particularly one the size of EVE Online – content is what the players make it. There are the massive sov wars, the infamous heists, the political drama … and then, there are the tales that…

2 Awful Loss of the Day

ALOD: Jump Freighter Bonanza

JMoravia 2019-02-08

It’s probably not often that the same player has not one but two of zKillboard’s six most valuable kills for a given week – solo.  Yet that was the accomplishment enjoyed by Ataryx between 1 and 3 February, following his ganks of…

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CODE. Victim Gives Clinic on How Not to Fly a Jump Freighter

Savvy Kneel 2018-06-27

Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, the 19th Century Prussian military strategist, said that “no plan survives first contact with the enemy.” Here in New Eden, anyone who has dipped a toe in PvP knows that to be true….

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Pilot Enjoys Losing Carriers; Imperium and BRAVE Join Forces to Relieve Him of a Nyx

Savvy Kneel 2018-06-17

An aggrieved party seeks revenge on those he believes have done him wrong. He hatches a plot and seeks assistance from those in a position to help. With a plan in place, he eagerly sets out to carry out his…

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ALOD: Pay-to-Win?

Submission 2018-02-01

[Editor’s Note: A few kills on zKillboard came up during a recent discussion on ALOD’s (Awful Loss of the Day), and they were interesting enough to warrant further investigation. We reached out to contacts who seemed to be involved and…

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Interview with Concentrati0n – Komodo BPC

mistwarden 2017-12-17

INN:  First off, let me say on behalf of all of us here at INN, congratulations on acquiring the BPC. Have you ever done something like this before? Concentrati0n: In Eve- yeah. I remember a while back I was roaming…

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Hunters Scramble as Ivana Titan Falls

Ketriaava 2017-12-17

In latest of a recent string of ambushes on low and nullsec hunting groups, an Ivana Trading Federation Federation Titan and tackle Rorqual have been destroyed in the system of Tabbetzur, along with a small contingent of supporting capitals. It…

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Silver Magnate Joins Recent List of Expensive Losses

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2017-12-04

On December 4, in Amamake, koral123 lost his Silver Magnate to Fred Silf.  According to his Reddit AMA, koral123 entered a novice complex and hesitated, allowing Fred Silf to scram and attck, because “[e]ven though most of the guys kill…

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ALOTD: Awful Losses Of The Deployment

Jack 2017-08-11

The Imperium went on deployment in the north just over a week ago, but it seems some of Delve’s most stubborn ISK farmers still haven’t got the message. The Super-Carrier and Rorqual kills are coming in so fast that Imperium…

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NC Loki Fleet Dunked By Alt Defense Fleet

Johnny Crowe 2017-08-06

“LET’S SEE HOW MANY ALTS WE HAVE – IF WE HIT MAXIMUM ALTFLEET THEN WAR AROUND THE GALAXY IS FOREVER SECURE” -TheMittani Alt Fleet, Best Fleet At around 01:00 EvE time, the Swarm formed up in Delve staging, in preparation…

1 Awful Loss of the Day

ALOD – The Rorqual Culling

Johnny Crowe 2017-08-02

Never not mine during a State of the Goonion. Why is it so quiet in Delve? Now must be the perfect time to get in some mining. Thousand plus people in Alliance Staging, more ore for me! At least that…

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Great White Buffalo – Our First Real Loss

Johnny Crowe 2017-08-02

Ratting can be a boring profession for those of us who aren’t in fancy carriers and supers. It’s essential to success and growth, who’s to argue, but sitting here ruining my standings with the Blood Raiders I get to thinking…

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The Last Haul – You Can’t Fight Fate

Johnny Crowe 2017-07-23

 With 91 Billion ISK a man could change the very map itself. With a very heavy heart, I was given the honor of speaking with the man nUMbEr5iSaLivE. I’m sure many of you know by now, in the early, hazy…

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AFK Mining Gone Wrong – Double Rorqual ALOD

Macky Avelli 2017-07-06

It’s widely known at this point that the Goonswarm Federation has Delve solidly fortified. With Fortizars in nearly every system and a large helping of Keepstars to boot, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a quiet corner in Delve…