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Rampage Inc’s DC 2022 Shareholder Meeting

FroggyStorm 2022-01-20

Last fall, the Rampage Inc stream hatched a sinister plot. They planned to unleash a small squad of goons on the US capital. Their mission? Drink as much Big Wave as humanly possible. The early planning estimated for less than…

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How to Write A Comment, by Ramon McElvis

Submission 2020-10-27

Editor’s note: We got this user submission and thought you might enjoy it. We tried not to wreck the tone with too much editing.  I just love reading stories on INN and posts on sites like reddit and I especially…

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Mittens’ Kittens Gaining Traction

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2020-10-14

Among Imperium Leadership the name Mittens’ Kittens is gaining support. Now, a coalition finds itself at a nomenclatural crossroads. The Story So Far… On September 25, Yours Truly published an open letter to The Mittani on this very site, and…

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Nullsec Blackout: Triglavian Inversion

Arrendis 2019-08-02

GALACTIC NEWS HOUR ROUNDUP: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP? EDITION Hysteria rules as all across New Eden, as reports come in of communications systems gone completely haywire. In nullsec, Local has suddenly and mysteriously begun functioning again, while it…

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Fake SotC for PanFam

Moomin Amatin 2019-05-19

I was bored while I watched PanFam unanchoring structures in Tribute and decided to kill some time by making a fake State of the Coalition. It was a perfect storm of boredom and an insatiable luv2post. Now it’s really important…

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Is A Massive Nerf of Delve Ratting Coming?

Arrendis 2018-12-24

CCP may secretly be planning to take drastic actions to nerf the Imperium’s income with a nerf of ratting activities in the Southwest of New Eden. This potential move comes as the Monthly Economic Report has once again shown Delve…

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The Server – A TiDi Poem

Paramemetic 2018-08-08

The Server By Edgar Allen Fofofofofofofofofofofo Once upon a Wednesday dreary, while we pondered, weak and weary, Over many a tired and tedious staging fort of which we bored– As we shipspun, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As…

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EVE FanFest “EveProv” Comedy Hot Take LiveBlog

Paramemetic 2018-04-12

As INN’s newest editor, I, Paramemetic, am “delighted” to bring you along with me as we “enjoy” the second event of EVE FanFest 2018. In the opening ceremony, CCP Guard assured us that this would be “funny.” I suspect that…

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DBRB Returns to the Meta Show

Arrendis 2018-03-10

After long months in the wilds of Australia, Goonswarm’s legendary FC and EVE personality-at-large, Dabigredboat has returned to the Meta Show! With him comes his trademark brand of insanity and chaos. Watch Boat get outraged about the March changes, defend…

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First Minitru Photoshop Contest Results

Rhivre 2017-10-28

Freshly returned to leading Minitru, Samahiel has announced the first of hopefully many Minitru photoshop contests. This one was inspired by his time at Vegas, and a picture of Karmafleets very own velvet-voiced leader, Merkelchen. The competition was run on…

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RMT Records EVE Vegas Edition: Luck, Be My FC

Arrendis 2017-10-21

RMT Records is back again, commemorating EVE Vegas! Take it away, Ol’ Blue Donuts! (That’s Ungaar.)

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Making the Most of Your Trip to EVE Vegas

Johnny Crowe 2017-10-05

With EVE Vegas just around the corner, we at INN would like to tell you about the festivities, what to expect, and what you can do to have fun. First, unless you live under a space rock, you likely know…

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Great White Buffalo – Our First Real Loss

Johnny Crowe 2017-08-02

Ratting can be a boring profession for those of us who aren’t in fancy carriers and supers. It’s essential to success and growth, who’s to argue, but sitting here ruining my standings with the Blood Raiders I get to thinking…

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Cooking with TiDi: Things to Consider

Terrible Goon Spy 2017-01-11

From the fast tackle and dictor pilot to the behemoth super and titan, we all feel the effects of time dilation in EVE: Boredom. Some of us fill that cycle time and target locking with netflix, cleaning, and most enjoyable…