Making the Most of Your Trip to EVE Vegas

Johnny Crowe 2017-10-05

With EVE Vegas just around the corner, we at INN would like to tell you about the festivities, what to expect, and what you can do to have fun. First, unless you live under a space rock, you likely know the festivities are going to be held Oct. 6th through the 8th at the luxurious Linq Hotel in Las Vegas. You can find more about the schedule here.

Offering Dj’s seven days a week

Let’s talk about some of the things to do at the Linq Hotel. The hotel is one of Las Vegas newest 21+ party pools offering Dj’s seven days a week, so bring your ID down and have a couple of drinks and play a few games of beer pong. You can enjoy food and cocktails, and if I wasn’t a poor I would definitely get one of those daybeds.  If you don’t care to drink whilst wet, there is also an Irish style pub inside of the Hotel. I can only imagine how many stupid welp stories will be told there.

If the Irish style pub isn’t as high caliber as is befitting of an FC of your stature(I kid) there is also the 3535 Las Vegas Cocktail Bar.  This bar is a specialty infusion bar featuring over 35 custom-made infusions. The place is very upscale, featuring LED lightning and an altogether too clean vibe for my liking. Fortunately, there is another specialty cocktail bar in the Linq, it’s the Catalyst Las Vegas Cocktail Bar. Featuring drinks with spicy kicks, and unique frozen drinks, the Catalyst is likely a must see if you’re staying with the rest of the pack. There is also the Purple Zebra Daiquiris, which let me tell you, if I was half drunk and I passed by the Zebra they’d likely get me to stop in there joint as well.

Is there really a Car Museum in there?

If you are there with the family, or don’t care too much for drinking, there are also other attractions at the Linq Hotel and Casino. The auto collections car museum in the Linq is something I likely would be unable to stay away from. The Vegas Seven recognized the Auto Collection as the “Best Piece of Vegas Auto History.”

Now, if you’ve recently found drunken love with a newbee from SNOOO there is also the Silver Sky Chapel inside of the hotel. For those of you who want to go home looking better than you arrived, you can find a chair at Club Tattoo. Originally created in 1995, Linkin Park’s frontman, the late Chester Bennington, partnered with industry leaders Sean and Thora Dowdell to create one of the hottest tattoo studios in the world, Club Tattoo.

EVE Vegas Festivities

Firstly, there will be many CCP speakers discussing various angles of the game and what the future will hold. Their player presenters will be covering everything from the capsuleer history of New Eden, to Wormholes, EVE Physics, leadership in EVE, building fleet doctrines and supporting new players. There will also be a tournament and the pub crawl. Now if you’re a pubbie enjoy the Eve Vegas legendary pub crawl. I imagine it’ll be a blast, for those of you with GSF there is also a Goon Pub crawl so keep that in mind. There is also a fundraiser screening of Blade Runner 2049. If you’re a member of Goon Swarm you can look forward to an all Goon dinner and drunken brunch from what I hear.

 Can we really get stoned in Vegas now?

Yes! Is the short answer. We at INN would like to tell you about the change in laws in Nevada regarding recreational marijuana. Now remember, there are stringent rules to this. Don’t be the guy to get dragged out of the lobby of the Linq stoned and yelling, “But I’m an FC!” We’d like to help make sure you’re not the guy stuck in Vegas involuntarily.

So here is the score: it is now legal for anyone over 21 in age to possess up to one (1) ounce of marijuana and consume it in private. But, you can be slapped with fines and lengthy prison sentences merely for selling marijuana or smoking in public. Remember: buying marijuana on the strip is perfectly legal. Smoking a blunt on the strip, not so much. 90% of you won’t have a private residence in Vegas, as hotel rooms do not count as private residence nor do Casinos allow it on the premise. The law protects those with a private residence to smoke in, but it is still very illegal to smoke where the city doesn’t approve.

All along the strip, you’ll find dispensaries—places to buy flower and edibles. Your budtender at the dispensary will be able to discuss possibilities with you. As Las Vegas is very tourist oriented, they will be able to address hows, whats, and wheres with you.  While we’re on the subject, edibles are a very discreet way to do Vegas. Wax pens and oil cartridges are another option to consider. We at INN do not condone breaking the laws. So please, try to follow the laws. Vegas has never been kind to the stoner.

Also note that it is illegal to transport any cannabis across state lines, even if you’re going to a state where it’s currently legal. This applies to both arriving and leaving. The McCarran Airport has explicitly stated that it is prohibited anywhere on the grounds. If you want to use it in Vegas, buy it in Vegas.  If you buy it in Vegas, use it in Vegas.


EVE Vegas was also able to secure a few discounts for attendees. Check out the complete list on the community page here.

We hope you all stay out of trouble, and have a great EVE Vegas experience. High Flyers welcome.

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