BREAKING: Forces Amassed in IAS-I5 for Critical Timers in Southeast War


This post was written and updated live as events played out. This was my first live posting, and first on-site coverage of a (potential) major battle. Lessons were learned, and I hope to bring you better iterations of such coverage in the future. All posts are notated in Eve time on 2017 10.05.


Local at 600. Tri has tethered their super fleet of about 80 Minokawas, 55 supercarriers and 1 Leviathan to their Armor-timer Fortizar. Fort comes out in 1 minute. Various lone ships being snagged and picked apart by tackle squadrons.

FCON Fort has come out of anchor. Tri has logged on 14+ more Titans, mostly Ragnaroks. NC. and GOTG have arrived in T3Cs.

Local at 1500. TIDI at 38% and worsening.

Massive DRF fleet just jumped in from O3-4MN. Subcaps are brawling on the gate.

More DRF forces arriving by bridge on the FCON fort. Repair timer at 5 minutes. Tri currently holding on their fort, subcap brawl on the gate is ongoing.

DRF forces are sitting on the Anchoring FCON fort. No contest from the other entities so far. Timer at 2 minutes.

FCON Fort is repaired. 2300 in local. Gate fight is in full swing, DRF and aligned entities appear to be taking the majority of the losses. Frames per second at 0.9, TIDI at 18%.

Raitaru, Azbel, and Fortizar are all vulnerable. Ships are flooding towards the gate, no escalations beyond subcapitals as of yet. Timers at about 10 minutes each.

SOLAR arriving with a Machariel fleet. Zkill starting to populate from the gate brawl. Local at 2400.

No citadels have been paused on timers. Azbel and Raitaru are mere minutes away from safety.

Triumvirate Fortizar is safe and repaired. Azbel timer is paused at just under 3 minutes.

This writer has lost the ability to control the camera on the character in system with the HUD stuck offline. Unfortunately I can no longer provide relevant information. The Azbel appears extremely likely to be reinforced without contest in but a few minutes.

Managed to get the camera back. Local has decreased to 2100 from the previous 2400. The gate fight appears to have winded down as the Azbel currently resides in about 75% armor.

TEST Jackdaws are landing at the FCON Fortizar. TIDI has varied between 65% and 45% as the gate fight has ended. TRI Azbel currently at about 60% armor, its health largely staying intact over the course of the bashing due to TIDI.

TRI-aligned subcaps are being bridged out from the Fortizar. Local decreasing to 1800, TIDI currently at 15%.

More forces extracting, local down to 1300. TIDI has ceased. Azbel is at about 15% armor.

Azbel has been reinforced into structure. Local down to 800. TIDI is fluctuating as various forces engage during evacuation. The major fight has ended.

Battle reports are starting to come in. Despite the mass of pilots involved, only about 30 billion isk in ships have been reported destroyed thus far.
Preliminary battle report can be viewed here:

After Action
A surprisingly low butcher’s bill considering the forces on grid for the fight. No side committed capitals and numerous kill timers were simply passed over. Though disappointing, the fight has created new kill timers which may result in their own future brawls. For those hoping for content, this war has certainly seemed to provide the means.

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