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Announcing Reboot of The Meta Show

Arrendis 2019-11-06

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 6, 2019 INN Announcement: Reboot of “The Meta Show” Addition of New Co-Host, Format and Style The Imperium News Network, EVE Online’s largest player-run media enterprise, is announcing today that it is rebooting its flagship EVE…

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New INN Talk Show Launching this weekend: The INNSider Gaming News

LifeshifterX 2018-05-05

INN is proud to announce our newest show: The INNsider – Gaming News Talk Show! Starting this weekend, May 6 at 1800. The show will be co-hosted by LifeShifterX , Drunk Canadian and Captain Tutu, and will feature a rotating cast…

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DBRB Returns to the Meta Show

Arrendis 2018-03-10

After long months in the wilds of Australia, Goonswarm’s legendary FC and EVE personality-at-large, Dabigredboat has returned to the Meta Show! With him comes his trademark brand of insanity and chaos. Watch Boat get outraged about the March changes, defend…

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INN Talkshows Weekly Roundup: 9-4 Aftermath

MacCloud 2018-01-30

This week on our Twitch Channel, INN covered the event everyone was talking about: the Keepstar timer in 9-4RP2. Along the way, we’ve had some great guests. If you missed the streams, here’s a rundown: During the fight itself, Matterall…

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Talking In Stations “Most Influential Awards” of 2017

David Matterall 2017-12-20

Talking In Stations podcast held its first “Most Influential Awards” Sunday, December 17th, 2017. Nearly 500 viewers watched the live show as awards were given for the top player, corporation, and alliance in EVE Online. The 90-minute program can be…

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Meta Show – November 25 UAXDeath

Rhivre 2017-11-25

This weeks edition of the Meta Show had a smaller guest list than usual, and The Mittani was noticeably absent. This was unfortunate, as he missed what was one of the more memorable shows in recent months. DBRB was joined by…

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The Greatest Talk Shows Every Week: INN Lineup for the Easter Weekend of 15 APR 2017

MacCloud 2017-04-14

The survivors of Fanfest have recovered from the drinking ordeal of the Scandinavian culture and once more we talk about Eve Online and Gaming in general!   Open Comms Show – 01:00 UTC Dreydan Trovirr, Dirk MacGirk and the rest…

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The Greatest Talk Shows Every Week: Weekend INN Lineup of 28 Jan 2017

MacCloud 2017-01-27

We once again have a great line up of talk shows on our Channel this weekend including: Open Comms Show – Saturday 02:00 UTC (Friday night for US) Join Dirk MacGirk as he and his hosts go over EVE Online,…