The Greatest Talk Shows Every Week: INN Lineup for the Easter Weekend of 15 APR 2017


The survivors of Fanfest have recovered from the drinking ordeal of the Scandinavian culture and once more we talk about Eve Online and Gaming in general!


Open Comms Show – 01:00 UTC

Dreydan Trovirr, Dirk MacGirk and the rest of the Open Comms crew host the Fanfest Flashback this Friday at 9:00 PM EST / 01:00 UTC.

Guests this week include, blastem2hell from Karmafleet, EVE TV player presenter J McClain, two-time CSM member Jin’taan, and the belle of the Fanfest ball, Manic Velocity.

While other media outlets will undoubtedly cover the official announcements ad nauseum, only Open Comms will seek out the stories of what happened off the main stage, in the bars and backrooms of the real Fanfest. Now that the dates are announced, Open Comms will also look ahead to the next instalment of EVE Vegas, coming in October.

Talking in Stations + optional Aftershow – 15:00 UTC

Join Matterall with special guests Elise Randolph of PL and Seamus Donohue of E-Uni adding a new element to Talking in Stations! Looking over the highlights of the things to come for us all playing Eve Online through the course of this year as divulged to us by CCP last weekend.

The Undead Zone – 19:00 UTC

Erick Asmock and MacCloud run through the weeks events in H1Z1 and 7 Days to Die.

The Meta Show – 20:00 UTC

Dabigredboat and The Mittani bring you all the goings on in Eve Online alongside a special guest tbc. Topics will Include last weekends Fanfest, and all the game changes coming to New Eden.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the previous weekends worth of talk shows then catch them on our Youtube Channel or below. Don’t forget to subscribe!


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Talking in Stations – 8 APR 2017

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