Talking In Stations “Most Influential Awards” of 2017


Talking In Stations podcast held its first “Most Influential Awards” Sunday, December 17th, 2017. Nearly 500 viewers watched the live show as awards were given for the top player, corporation, and alliance in EVE Online. The 90-minute program can be seen on Youtube, Twitch, or heard on Soundcloud.

The awards were created to recognize accomplishments during the year that affected most players, either directly or indirectly. In-game power, along with meta-level influence was considered.

Player of the Year

Player of the Year went to Aryth of GoonWaffe (GEWNS). Having served as a CSM member, a financial wizard for the Goonswarm Federation (CONDI), and for showing soft power over the Circle-of-Two (Co2) Alliance. Aryth won the top spot convincingly. Any one of his accomplishments would have put him in the running, but Aryth was able to cap an already big year with a plot that turned The Judge against Co2. Aryth works on a scale few others can even understand, and he is the quintessential player for this era of EVE.

Other contenders were Vince Draken, KillahBee, The Mittani, and Jin’taan.

Corp of the Year

Corporation of the Year went to Almost Dangerous (OMGGF), of the Stranger Danger (CANDY) Alliance. The corp is lead by Rivyn Fire with support from corp directors. Stranger Danger survived a mercenary lead eviction from their C4 wormhole, with aid from other wormhole alliances that rallied to help them. The corp was highly visible at EVE Vegas where members were organized and partying together. Their CEO, Rivyn, flew in from Scotland, and they brought in a life-sized cutout of a member that could not make Vegas – asking people to take pictures with it. Almost Dangerous reminds us that the most important part of a corp is the bonds between members.

Other contenders were Pro Synergy, Pandemic Horde Inc, and Eve University.

Alliance(s) of the Year

Alliance of the Year was a tie between Triumvirate (TRI) and The Initiative. (INITdot).

Triumvirate had shown both ambition and sheer force by defeating Phoenix Coalition and warring against DRF.  Triumvirate is fearless, reckless, and exciting to watch. Their year ends with the dramatic departure of CptPatrickArcher and Frsd. A note was released to TIS podcast by Warran Simalia:

I’m definitely sad that Pat left, he was a great friend of mine for years and helped turn this alliance from nothing into one of the most respected in the game. Losing Frsd, who is going with him, it’s the most painful for us as an alliance. We still have great leaders though who can lead this going forward. Pat had been very afk over the last few months, which put the FC burden onto Frsd almost completely and the leadership burden on myself and others.


The war will play out, XIX is afraid of us coming north into the drone lands despite our constant public statements explaining that our war consisted of two goals. The first was removing FCON from their space, which is done. The second was removing Solar from Angel Space since they chose to side with the DRF and living side by side with them would be impossible. They own portions of Insmother and Detoroid, which we intended on taking back for ourselves. XIX’s fear that we wanted Etherium Reach again despite the fact that we willingly gave them ER when we unblued them. At the end of the day, they have been producing over 1k guys with TEST/HORDE/GOTG and the DRF consistently, yet we somehow won timers again and again. We don’t expect that to change. Garst is still here, I am still here, our core group of directors is still here, and we will be ok moving forward.

In contrast to Triumvirate, the comparatively more cool and collected Initiative, lead by Sister Bliss, has had a second successful year. Retaking their Syndicate holdings after losing them earlier this year to Northern Coalition (NCdot). The Initiative developed advanced doctrines and tactics to punch above their weight class. They also did very well in the Alliance Tournament. Most importantly, they have, by example, made it safe for groups like Snuff Box to join the Imperium.

Other contenders include TEST Alliance Please Ignore (TEST), Fraternity (FRT), and Northern Coalition.

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  • Carneros sports a show-stopping Santa hat!

    December 20, 2017 at 8:11 PM
  • Rammel Kas

    This was a good listen, thank you.

    Pity TRI’s people could not come on at the recording.

    December 20, 2017 at 8:58 PM
  • Rolfski

    Jin’taan took the cake for me this year. Loved his war analyses, AT commentary and other contributions, all while in the smack middle of his own Anime war and trying to make the game better as CSM.

    December 20, 2017 at 11:04 PM
  • Freelancer117

    December 21, 2017 at 2:28 AM
  • Moomin Amatin

    HypnoToad should have been player of the year. I have no idea how some of the other players mentioned here got onto your list, especially Vince. Except The Mittani of course, PBUH.

    So corp of the year was not Karma Fleet or even dare I say Pandemic Horde? The two entities that go to great lengths to help out new players into null sec. You know supporting the life blood of the game.

    How about GSF as the Alliance of the year? You know the one that has dominated the null sec game in many areas. The World’s largest gaming community. To even mention Tri is just incredibly amusing. They have done nothing of note at all. Any achievement that they could lay claim to is simply the result of support from the likes of PanFam. But even that is tenuous at best.

    How were any of these selected and how were the votes cast?

    December 21, 2017 at 10:03 AM
    • I picked the winners with consultation of TIS panel (the regulars). That’s why it is called the “Talking In Stations” Most Influential Awards, not the INN or CCP most influential awards. Glad you shared your picks, hope other people do too

      I can defend these picks. If you listen to the show, it was not the most powerful or best known names. We gave it to those that set the right kind of example.

      I think Aryth did a lot this year and we gave him 45 minutes to smug it up, which he did very well. But behind the smug is a cunning mind working at a scale few others can.

      Corps are hard to pick (for reasons explained in the show) but we focused on unity. And Almost Dangerous corp (of Stranger Danger) has a ton of love for one another. They also put themselves out there and played the game to the fullest – fighting, socializing and defending their wormhole.

      Alliance(s) was a tie because all year we’ve been marveling at Initiative and Triumverate. Both group fight against odds, and sometimes win. They are fierce and inventive.

      I think these are some of the best examples of how to play EVE, and thats why they were picked.

      Next year we’ll do it again. So if you want to be known to TIS join our discord. Join INN discord too. Buttons at the top.

      December 22, 2017 at 4:35 PM
      • Moomin Amatin Matterall

        I was asked to leave TiS discord as I pointed out an error of Lady Scarlet’s. This caused you great distress where you PM’d me to ask me to treat them with kid gloves.

        No way I intend to go back there. Especially with some of the things that go on in that channel.

        December 22, 2017 at 10:29 PM