EVE’s Xmas event is missing holiday cheer


The Xmas Spirit

CCP Falcon released the annual Yoiultide event notes today, and there is a profound lack of the usual fair in it. Admittedly, CCP is not well known for creativity. However, the holidays are often one of the exceptions. In years past we have seen fun and lovable emails, and story lines about the CCP members (typically wearing prosthetic ears and pointy hats) to give the players a sense that our developers and administrators are also part of the team and including us in on the joke.

Typically, past Yoiul events had two major parts. First there was an event of some kind along with either daily goodie drops that range from the clever “coal in your pod” to the somewhat ubiquitous snowballs and launchers. They were never particularly valuable, but items like the cerebrum in a container were used to commemorate important events that happened through out the year.

This year we only get the event, which is expected to look just like all of the other mini events of the last year: fighting NPCs using/testing what ever the latest version of the advanced AI dropping skins and accelerators. The skins on first look don’t even appear to be very interesting compared to the “Frostline” skins of previous years.

As an added bit of insult to the missing loot, there is also a skin sale. If you can’t be fussed with going out to run the sites to get the skins (if the drop rates are like previous ones they drop in large quantities) then you can just buy them with PLEX on sale.

Why The Change?

It really feels like CCP has gone for minimum effort this year. This notion was reinforced by CCP Dragon’s (here to referred to as CCP Grinch) in the minutes of the release.

“CCP Dragon continued that previously players haven’t had to do anything to claim their Christmas items, but they would like to make it so that players would have to fly around a bit to get them. CCP also is looking into the idea of a Secret Santa system, so that players can randomly gifting items around.”

On the one hand, sure, getting your pilots to log in and fly around is a good thing generally. I could buy that if it weren’t for two small facts. First, the trinkets handed out in past events are basically without value. Go log in right now and look at the various stacks of fireworks if you doubt me. Next there is the glaring inconsistency with the hand out of hundred of CONCORD hulls to the folks who attended Fanfest. If the idea is to make people do something to earn the swag, then be consistent.

A Simple Fix

Even the selection of the event and NPCs is extraordinary by how little it even attempts to play into any sense of a holiday spirit. Another Rogue Drone event? Why are they dropping ice blue skins again? There is no story whatsoever in the release notes. Just “oh, the drones are loose again.” I’ll head my-elf (see? even I can write an elf pun) off before I rush off into another long rant on why story and message is important. But a tiny bit of effort on the part of CCP Grinch to tell us why the drones are fighting Santa would have gone a long way to make us interested in taking part.

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  • Lekly

    Not getting things like geckos or another high value items actually makes sense to me, especially with the huge number of alpha clones now. As said, it really is the holiday cheer that is missing. Where are the memorabilia from the highlights of this past year?

    December 20, 2017 at 3:00 PM
  • CK

    I agree that this years holiday spirit is missing. Mini-events are supposed to be fun, but they’re starting to feel a bit grindy when it’s to get worthless items that I could just buy for cash if I really want it. Fedo’s are still a running gag how many years after they were introduced? Honor tanks, parking tickets, donut holders, boots.ini; these kind of things mean a lot to players that stick with a game for years. But not this year. Just think of all the memorable things that happened in Eve during 2017 that will have no momentos left behind to stumble across in the back of the hanger.

    December 20, 2017 at 11:28 PM
  • Freelancer117

    Going to vote with my wallet and saying no to this icelandic Company.

    December 21, 2017 at 2:38 AM
  • I agree that the “events” are getting really repetitive. That said I guess they’re still fun if you use them as a PvP opportunity 🙂

    December 21, 2017 at 6:55 AM
  • Bill Bones

    Probably the past holidays events were the doing of the Community team. Without a community team, well, the event isn’t specially festive. Also it wuld be understandable if the lien employees arn’t exactly in a cheery mood…

    December 23, 2017 at 11:28 PM