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The Myth of Capitalist EVE

Seir Luciel 2021-05-09

The title of this article, for many, will seem shocking. EVE Online has often been touted as one of the supreme examples of capitalism in action. A recent Talking in Stations article noted that: A Caldari player 5hipy4rd pointed out…

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Freeports are dead

David Matterall 2018-04-06

Editor’s note: This article comes to us from Matterall of Talking in Stations. It has been published unedited apart from minor tweaks for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. “Matterall, btw,” I’m a meme now. Based on a Runescape meme of “I’m…

2 Eve Online

INN Talkshows Weekly Roundup: 9-4 Aftermath

MacCloud 2018-01-30

This week on our Twitch Channel, INN covered the event everyone was talking about: the Keepstar timer in 9-4RP2. Along the way, we’ve had some great guests. If you missed the streams, here’s a rundown: During the fight itself, Matterall…

7 Eve Online

Talking In Stations “Most Influential Awards” of 2017

David Matterall 2017-12-20

Talking In Stations podcast held its first “Most Influential Awards” Sunday, December 17th, 2017. Nearly 500 viewers watched the live show as awards were given for the top player, corporation, and alliance in EVE Online. The 90-minute program can be…

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Vince Draken appears on the Talking In Stations Show

TMC Archives 2016-04-23

The latest Talking In Stations show was a great surprise as Vince Draken and Grath Telkin came by to discuss everything from the current war to politics and behavior. The two talked with the show’s panel for three hours. Vince…