World War Bee: Week 31


Week 31 of World War Bee was busier than week 30, with 28 fights and 42 total hostile actions. Delve, Period Basis, and Immensea dominated headlines for the week as well as the announcement that Siberian Squads, an alliance who recently left the Legacy Coalition, have joined the Imperium.

The link for INN’s cumulative New Eden campaign report is here. Across New Eden, since July 1, the ISK split is 54.09% to 45.91% in favor of the Imperium, a moderate improvement for PAPI forces week over week. After hand-calculating the values, all belligerents have now lost 125.9 trillion ISK, an increase of 2.9 trillion ISK week over week. Nearly 748,000 ships have been destroyed, an increase of nearly 22,000 week over week. The average ship lost cost 168.4 million ISK. The real world cost of the war is no less than 1,959,000 USD/1,470,000 GBP/1,646,000 EUR.

There were six fights in week 31 that exceeded 20 billion ISK in total losses, excluding the border skirmish battle report of 1DQ1-A/T5ZI-S and the M2-XFE hellcamp. Two fights were strategic victories for the Imperium while four were strategic victories for PAPI forces.

The three major theaters are the North (Fountain and the border with Aridia and Cloud Ring as well as western Delve), the South (the rest of Delve, Querious, and Period Basis), and the East (Paragon Soul, Catch, Stain, Immensea, and Esoteria)


War in the North kicked off Sunday with PAPI forces attempting to retake the NJU-QV constellation in a multi-system fight, ultimately clearing the Imperium’s iHubs. Much of the conflict occurred in M2-XFE, but the whole battle saw the Imperium lose 177.9 billion ISK for 94 billion in kills. The hellcamp’s action overlapped with much of the iHub fight, showing the Imperium lose 97.9 billion ISK for 30.6 billion in kills. Monday saw the Imperium lose the KEE-N6 iHub in a much more modest clash, with the Imperium losing 9.5 billion ISK for 7 billion in kills. News improved for the Imperium has French ConneXion completely wiped an LSH fleet in Fountain, killing 38.6 billion ISK for 3.2 billion in losses. The hellcamp’s battle report was relatively even with the Imperium losing 6.1 billion ISK for 5.5 billion in kills.

Tuesday was a quiet day as the hellcamp had the Imperium lose slightly less than 500 million ISK for 2.4 billion in kills. Wednesday was another even day as the Imperium killed 28.2 billion ISK against 29.4 billion in losses. Thursday was quiet again with 512.6 million ISK for 2.9 billion dead on the PAPI side. Ditto Friday with 457.4 million ISK for 5.2 billion in destroyed PAPI ships. Saturday finished quietly as well, 197.8 million ISK for 5.6 billion killed by the Imperium.


The Eastern theater itself expanded to include the action in Immensea as new groups of third-party alliances dogpile into Legacy’s former backfields. Legacy alliances lost a pair of Fortizars and a Tatara early in the week. Tuesday saw a Legacy fleet show up to finish off a Red Alliance staging Astrahus in Catch, along with some capitals, ultimately seeing the Imperium and its allies lose 19.5 billion ISK for 2.4 billion in kills. The rest of the week saw more structure bashes as third-party groups killed two more Tataras and two additional Fortizars. Action closed out with a group from The Initiative wiping out a Brave Machariel group, killing 6.5 billion ISK.


The week began in the South with the border skirmish battle report between 1DQ1-A and T5ZI-S with the Imperium losing 115.1 billion ISK for 84.8 billion killed, largely due to a Goon Avatar taking a hostile fleetwarp into the teeth of a dread bomb. Action continued Monday as the Imperium lost a pair of faction Fortizars, one unopposed, the other seeing the Imperium lose 128.8 billion ISK for 20.6 billion in kills. PAPI forces also retook the P-ZMZV iHub, which had sat over their Querious staging Keepstar, in a modest fight with the Imperium losing 7.7 billion ISK for 1 billion in kills. More iHub football occurred as the Imperium lost the FM- iHub, trading 1.7 billion ISK for 2 billion in kills, and saved the RF- iHub, losing 912.8 million ISK for 337 million. Action ended with the Imperium losing a Period Basis Fortizar. The border skirmish battle report was quite even as the Imperium killed 30.3 billion ISK for 29.1 billion in losses.

Tuesday saw the Imperium halt a reinforcement attempt of another Fortizar in Period Basis, the two sides each losing 1.6 billion ISK. The Imperium lost a fight shortly after defending an Ansiblex, losing 6 billion ISK for 1 billion in kills. The day ended with the Imperium losing a Period Basis faction Fortizar. The border skirmish battle report saw the Imperium kill 15.6 billion ISK for 18.4 billion in losses. Wednesday saw Goons lose a pair of Fortizars, a faction Fortizar, and a Tatara. The border skirmish battle report saw the Imperium lose 21.9 billion for 12.1 billion in kills.

Thursday saw an Imperium Cerberus fleet get bombed in Fake Querious, losing 29.1 billion ISK for 6.7 billion in kills. The border skirmish battle report showed the Imperium losing 100.5 billion ISK for 29.5 billion, the bulk of which was related to a Ranger Regiment titan taking a hostile fleet warp into a trap. Friday’s border skirmish battle report saw the Imperium kill 23.6 billion ISK for 17.2 billion dead. The week ended with a fight in Fake Querious as the Imperium killed 5.9 billion ISK for 4.7 billion in losses. The week-ending battle report saw the Imperium lose 146.7 billion ISK for 26.8 billion in kills, nearly 126 billion ISK of which was an Alliance Tournament covert ops ship lost on the gate.


The Initiative and some third-party groups showed up to a fight in Wicked Creek, losing 21.8 billion ISK for 38 billion in kills. One of the major headlines of the week was Siberian Squads, formerly of the now-defunct Dead Coalition, then lately of Legacy, announced that they were joining the Imperium and taking on combat operations effective immediately in Querious.

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  • Moomin Amatin

    A weird week for the narratives also. PAPI are very happy with “breaching Helm’s Deep”. But I do recall The Imperium stating that the M2 Hellcamp was more important over a month ago. With FIRE moving capitals back east to deal with issues brewing in their home regions we see more assets getting safer from Delve. These of course join those from Frat that have already moved. Speaking of which Noraus, the leader of Frat, has stated that PAPI will exist a lot longer than people think. Blue donut confirmed?

    The Legacy continue to suffer issues of some sort. Both Fedup and Warped have a sharp drop in numbers. Other alliances within The Legacy also seem to be feeling the pinch. TAPI leadership have even ordered the evacuation of all non-military assets from the region of Esoteria. Siberian Squad joining The Imperium is also being played down. By all accounts TAPI angered Siberian Squad by trying to steal members yet again.

    February 8, 2021 at 9:24 PM
    • Deni'z von Meanace Moomin Amatin

      I’m not sure papi could play big, or they think that losing ships and structures are more important than losing manpower who operates those assets?

      February 8, 2021 at 9:45 PM
      • Moomin Amatin Deni'z von Meanace

        From what is being reported by Noraus and others it seems that the only thing PAPI is thinking about is blue donuts and collecting the rent. Reason seems to have left them some time ago.

        February 9, 2021 at 3:12 AM