Battle Report: Clash in Catch


Art by Cryo Huren

The Initiative (INIT) continued its scourge of Catch by destroying a BRAVE fleet Saturday and anchoring structures in U-QVWD. Away from the frontlines of Delve, an INIT Muninn fleet, with support from Deepwater Hooligans, successfully defended an anchoring Fortizar under contact, achieving their objectives, winning the ISK war and then anchoring an additional structure for bonus points.

The system of U-Q borders BRAVE-held Catch and NPC Curse, the current home to INIT’s forward operating bases. The system has seen a number of small skirmishes over the past few weeks, but generally acts as a conduit towards GE-8JV, the BRAVE capital system. Yet the pitched battle over an anchoring Fortizar resulted in even numbers of HACs brawling it out to prevent INIT’s inroads into Catch.

The Scouring of the Shire

Since Dunk Dinkle’s SOTA two weeks ago, BRAVE has turned its forces away from Delve and towards the defence of its core territory. Fierce fighting has continued between BRAVE with INIT striking in Curse, while neutral parties, including Simple Farmers, RED Alliance, Tactical Supremacy & Warped Intentions, have claimed systems around the borders with Providence, and conducted strikes into previously well-defended areas. In 2021 alone, BRAVE has lost control of 27 systems, mostly in recently-conquered Querious.

Although BRAVE achieved great success during the start of the war, providing large numbers to PAPI fleets and claiming systems throughout Querious, it appears the alliance is struggling to allocate resources to both the invasion of Delve and home defence.

Like Vultures

In addition to the above, a Goonswarm Cerberus fleet nullified a BRAVE Talwar response fleet in their home system of GE- following a BRAVE victory over a W.R.A.T.H raiding party. These actions further compound BRAVE’s worries at present with many corporations from around New Eden and wormhole space choosing Catch as their “go-to” raiding spot. With the majority of their experienced fighters stretched between Delve and Catch, the small fleets that are assembled, although courageous and “brave” lack the cohesion to fight off larger groups.

The Next Chapter

The anchoring of another Fortizar in their home territory raises a number of dilemmas for BRAVE leadership. Leaving it to anchor will give INIT a firm foothold on an already precarious constellation, but forming to destroy it will draw forces away from M2-XFE and the iHub fight that will commence on January 31.

With Catch currently the victim of a targeted insurgency – Fraternity returning to the North to fight off a growing insurrection from the Freemen, and The Bastion having huge successes in Esoteria at the very heart of TEST Alliance – there will be growing pressure from line members to guarantee safe places to mine and rat. In Legacy leader progodlegend’s recent SOTA, he announced that all PAPI members can now conduct these activities in each other’s space. Although this appears as a collective sharing of resources, it supports the fact that many home territories are not secure anymore.

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