Imperium Ends M2 Hellcamp


After an unprecedented nine weeks on grid, the Imperium announced the end of the M2 hellcamp today. “Eventually these things have to end,” Imperium leader The Mittani said in Saturday’s Fireside chat. “This has been the longest hellcamp in the history of online gaming, and it is now time to move on.”

The decision was driven by the tactical realities in M2-XFE. PAPI has held the M2 iHub since taking it in a contested fight more than a month ago, and in the days since the system’s strategic index has been steadily growing. At downtime on March 7, the system will enter Strategic Index 3, which will allow PAPI to drop a cyno jammer in the system, preventing the Imperium from cynoing in response forces in the event of an attempted breakout.

Rather than trying to pre-stage forces and fight under a jammer, the Imperium instead will concentrate in their capital system of 1DQ1-A and preparing for a possible PAPI attack there. “We’ll be digging into 1DQ1,” said The Mittani.

Limited Tactical Options

Over the course of the hellcamp in M2, the Imperium had come increasingly to rely upon cyno reinforcements from 1DQ1. A cyno jammer in M2 would dramatically limit the Imperium’s tactical options in the event of a fight, effectively preventing any external reinforcement in the event of a PAPI breakout, a PAPI attack on the M2 Keepstar, or a rescue attempt should forces staged in the system become trapped there.

PAPI has made concerted efforts to defend the M2 iHub in anticipation of this event, taking several actions to raise the system’s Activity Defense Multiplier (ADM), which makes the iHub significantly harder to hack when it’s vulnerable. In particular, TEST designated M2-XFE as its capital system, which confers a +2 bonus to ADM. In addition, ratting efforts by PAPI (and a few brain-dead Imperium pilots), have raised the ADM as well.

The end result is a disadvantageous situation for the Imperium, and while they have been keen to capitalize on PAPI’s blunders in M2 that left a significant number of titans trapped there for two months, they are equally keen to avoid making similar blunders of their own. “The decision was made to end the hellcamp on our terms, rather than letting them get some of our guys caught, and turn the trap around on us,” according to Goonswarm’s Fitting Director, Arrendis.

With much of Delve now pacified by PAPI and the M2 hellcamp ended, what comes next is up to PAPI. “They have choices,” said The Mittani, adding later, “I think that they will pay a terrible price to even try to take 1DQ1. We want them to try, and we want to make them bleed for it.”

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  • Carvj94

    Weird. PAPI’s titan are worth far more than everything goons have lost since the camp. Maybe this is a trick of some sort?

    March 7, 2021 at 6:24 AM
    • Guilford Australis Carvj94

      I don’t think it’s a trick, but I’m not in leadership. I think Imperium directors anticipate PAPI attacking 1DQ in earnest soon and don’t want to have our supercapital fleet split between two constellations.

      Sure, PAPI gets their titans back. They also get to face 7,000 angry, sweaty Goons every time they decide to bring those titans to 1DQ. If they ever do.

      March 7, 2021 at 10:49 AM
      • kwnyupstate . Guilford Australis

        PAPI had the problem by attacking a preset preloaded grid and 1DQ is the ultimate preset preloaded grid which has been setup with a perfect defense. All imperium needs to do to be preloaded is just log on and tether into the perfect setup. They could just merely log on and the server wouldn’t be able to handle papi coming in.

        March 7, 2021 at 2:29 PM
    • Garreth Vlox Carvj94

      they can’t have the super and titans deployed elsewhere if they intend to cyno jam 1dq1 and force papi to feed their entire coalition through the t5zi gate. This is prep for the final fight that papi may or may not have the guts to actually fight.

      March 8, 2021 at 11:04 AM
  • Lord Ixlandis

    We’re a long way from them attacking 1DQ1. PAPI will do what they do. They will clear as much low hanging fruit as possible and use the momentum afterwards to take 1DQ1. It’s quite likely they will have high morale and ours will be low from losing many when the time comes. Our leadership is pretty good at keeping morale up so I hope they can do so when the time comes to defend 1DQ.

    March 7, 2021 at 7:01 AM
  • Guilford Australis

    Let them have their titans back. We already know PAPI is only willing to use them on Keepstar snipes in which they expect to face little or no resistance, so this will force them to prove whether they’re serious about burning 1DQ. PAPI is running out of easy, masturbatory Sotiyo kills around Delve, so I suppose time will tell whether they’re able to find 1DQ next door to their staging Keepstar and actually use those titans.

    PAPI lost 100+ titans on each of the armor and hull timers in M2-. There are five Keepstars in 1DQ. If we assume losses there will reflect PAPI’s past performance, they’ll return home with no titans. As the famous Greek king once said after winning several battles that cost him most of his men and many of his close friends, “If I achieve such a victory again, I shall return to Epirus without any soldiers.” I hope it’s worth it to PanFam to win four new regions for PGL and Vily at the expense of its titan armada.

    March 7, 2021 at 11:42 AM
  • Deni'z von Meanace

    One small iHub rulled all the big things. This game is broken.

    March 7, 2021 at 12:35 PM
  • kwnyupstate .

    This is brilliant strategy.
    By letting PAPI extract those supers/titans the memory of them not being able to extract for so long becomes fresh in the mind of all those players and PAPI in general. They could only extract when the Imperium lets them.
    They got into this by attacking a preset grid and 1DQ is the KING of preset grid with coordinated defenses. It is like trying to enter no man’s land mine field in WWI.
    This happens at the same time as PAPI will want to plan to attack 1DQ which means it will have a psychological effect of making it harder for them to commit to taking the huge losses which would be required just to attack 1DQ once.
    And we all know 1DQ would take many attacks just to get a foothold and PAPI can’t afford to weaken themselves that much.
    I think they would be defeated if they try to defeat 1DQ and even if they won they would lose so much they would be neutered. NO alliances in PAPI are willing to lose that much and be easy prey for their other allies (enemies) once it is over…or for FRAT on that hand.
    It just isn’t worth it and now they need to pay their 100 pounds of flesh.

    March 7, 2021 at 2:22 PM
  • JD Martin

    Best thing they could do is melt everything that is not 1DQ1. What good is a wood chipper if nobody brings you wood? 1 system cannot sustain 70 nerds let alone 7000 of them. Who wants to be in an alliance with one system? PAPI getting their titans back will make the impending whack-a-mole easier too. Just bring 3 different keep stars into hull timers at once every week and make them choose which one to lose. They can’t pre-populate 3 systems at once to the point where server load is in their favour.

    March 7, 2021 at 6:13 PM
    • Guilford Australis JD Martin

      No one ever said 1DQ is the only system where The Imperium will fight. PAPI paid 100 titans for each of the armor and hull timers in M2-. They’ve boasted about their mighty 1,000 titan armada, and we have 40 Keepstars left in Delve. You do the math and predict how long you think “the impending whack-a-mole” can last for PAPI.

      March 7, 2021 at 6:47 PM
      • JD Martin Guilford Australis

        I didn’t say anything about the M2- fight numbers. When Goons can get in there in force and saturate the server, then yes 100 titans will die. If you have 3 potential fights at any given time, which system do you saturate? My point is you can’t do all 3 at once, so structures will fall as this prevents the server side reasons all those titans were lost. It’s 3x the work for PAPI, but it would prevent the circumstances of the M2- clusterfuck to a large extent.

        March 7, 2021 at 7:56 PM
        • Guilford Australis JD Martin

          PAPI’s losses on the M2- armor timer simply can’t be blamed on server limitations. That was straight fighting, in the same TIDI in which supercapital battles have always been fought.

          And your argument assumes two things that I find unconvincing: (1). PAPI can simultaneously contest three Keepstars, and (2). The Imperium will be in a completely passive situation in which its only option is to respond after a reinforcement timer rather than to contest the initial timer.

          March 7, 2021 at 8:27 PM
          • JD Martin Guilford Australis

            They could contest 6 at a time if they wanted to. Not to kill them all, but to reinforce them to make way a path to destroy at least some structures. Goons can’t be everywhere at once, and the only way they can be 100% certain of an enemy back breaking victory is to be all in the same place.
            This is from your own website:
            “After the record-breaking battle of three days before in the same system, in which at least 153 titans were destroyed, Goons gathered in the system well in advance of the armor timer clock. Before PAPI forces even showed up, Goons logged in some 4,500 pilots into the system, ready to do battle again.”

            The first battle where they traded within 5% of each other peaked at 5,158 pilots. They were left with a turkey shoot the next time as explained in several other articles following that day. If they can’t pre-load all systems in the same way, how can they expect to have the same ratio of kills/losses? If goons show up at one place, PAPI just dumps everything they have at one of the other targets and now THEY have this server mechanic to their advantage. Simple as that. Works the same with the initial timers too. Just have most of your shit in one system and the advantage is yours.

            March 8, 2021 at 12:01 AM
          • Sid Hopper JD Martin

            They tried that, they reinforced five Keepstars then focused on M2 and lost.

            March 8, 2021 at 10:41 AM
          • Garreth Vlox JD Martin

            “They could contest 6 at a time if they wanted to. Not to kill them all, but to reinforce them to make way a path to destroy at least some structures”

            You are describing exactly what led to m2-… They reffed a bunch of keeps, then failed to push the armor timers on all but one and proceeded to feed 200+ titans and 400+ dreads on that one keepstar.

            March 8, 2021 at 11:10 AM
          • JD Martin Garreth Vlox

            This website said plainly that M2 was stocked and populated in advance of even the first fight. Don’t you think that the 20+ keeps with sov 3 ihubs right now will be less stocked and populated?

            Goons killed 129 titans in the legit first fight. After that they packed 4500 nerds into the system which ensured a turkey shoot. If you want to say PAPI fed 200+ titans then you have to also say that Goons fed 124 titans.

            If they already did ref a bunch of keeps in the past, why is this other joker “unconvinced” PAPI can simultaneously contest three Keepstars? They don’t have to kill all 3 at once. All they have to do is figure out which one Goons want to drop their 4000 dicks in and proceed to kill one of the other ones.

            March 9, 2021 at 12:47 AM
          • Guilford Australis JD Martin

            “Feeding” generally refers to either (1) sacrificing fleets on insignificant or failed objectives, or (2) sacrificing fleets due to stupidity. It was not insignificant, stupid, or a failure for The Imperium to trade 124 titans for more than 200 PAPI titans (as well as 400 PAPI dreadnoughts) over the M2- Keepstar.

            I’ll presume to answer your question to Garreth (about me) directly – this joker is unconvinced that your plan would work because PAPI already tried it prior to M2- and paid a very high toll for its failure. Is it a good plan in concept? Sure. But it didn’t work before, and I suspect PAPI will be reluctant to try it again after the last results.

            March 9, 2021 at 4:59 PM
          • Garreth Vlox JD Martin

            “They don’t have to kill all 3 at once. All they have to do is figure out which one Goons want to drop their 4000 dicks in and proceed to kill one of the other ones.”

            LOL we are the ones looking for a fight, so the one we would drop our dicks on would be one of the ones they send a fleet to kill. You’re looking at this as if we are trying to prevent the destruction of keepstars, when from our point of view that is not the primary goal here, we know they are going to die sooner or later, what we are trying to do is trade these keeps for massive papi losses… The problem for papi is that they are comically risk averse and well aware that if they commit anything less than their full force on a keep we can get too we will drop everything on it, and they will lose what they sent. The split us up and attack where we are not strategy is only viable if you are willing to lose the assets that we pick to attack and papi is not willing to take that loss. This can be seen in how after trading 2 trillion in dreads for half their trapped titan fleet worth 5-10 times what they lost in dreads they decided to wait 2+ months and avoid all further attempts at any serious fighting on the m2- keepstar grid.

            “After that they packed 4500 nerds into the system which ensured a turkey shoot. ”

            And this just sounds like someone whining about how a fight didn’t go their way seeing as how packing a few thousand nerds into a system and trying to insure a turkey shoot is EXACTLY how papi decided to defend their 5 npc delve keepstar attempts…

            March 11, 2021 at 11:40 PM
        • Garreth Vlox JD Martin

          “If you have 3 potential fights at any given time, which system do you saturate?”

          you let papi burn their jump timers, you pick a target, and you slaughter it while the rest of their coalition is looking at red timers several cyno jumps away in different directions wondering why they thought they could split their 3:1 numbers advantage up that they have hid behind for a very good reason this whole war and not have it blow up in their face.

          March 8, 2021 at 11:09 AM
  • Marus

    Ohh waw! What a change in the comments perspective. Take almost all the articles on this site in the last 2 months and all you can read in the comments is about how imperium will make us pay a hefty price to get our titans back, how PAPI morale and participation is dropping, how disgruntled PAPI members must be considering their assets are blocked on the M2 grid and leadership is not doing anything for them, how more and more enemies will buy a golden, silver, iron or fucking unicorn ticket from the mittani’s merciful hand, how resilient are the goon warriors when it comes to hellcamping (nobody beats goons at hellcamping) and so on. And suddenly, comments are about being a trick of some sort and yeah…let them have their titans back we didn’t want them on our killboards anyway and this is a brilliant strategy (we just needed 2 months to find this brilliant strategy).

    If you ask me this is not a brilliant strategy, it is just a full retreat and an attempt to consolidate the single strong point remaining for goons, and that is 1DQ. How long will they last there and if we will ever break them, remains to be seen. The fact is that this war is now on it’s last phase and the biggest and bloodiest battles will just now begin.

    And of course, goons don’t spin, NEVER!

    March 7, 2021 at 6:40 PM
    • Guilford Australis Marus

      You lost roughly 200 titans in M2- on the armor and hull timers of a Keepstar you failed to kill, you incredible cretin. You don’t consider that to be a significant price to pay for blunders that gained you nothing?

      March 7, 2021 at 6:56 PM
      • Berth Ljunggren Guilford Australis

        Don’t forget the 400+ dreads, not as bad as titans but still a significant loss i would say.

        March 10, 2021 at 1:52 AM
    • Deni'z von Meanace Marus

      Well sad brave man but as usual there a few exceptions there. Instead of making a brilliant strategy of retract reamining supers from M2, TAPi started killing goons structures. It’s just like you go to shooting range and shit on your opponent vs. go to the real fight with him. For the last two TAPI didn’t came up with any proper plan how to retract theirs supers from M2 which confirms goons are the best at hellcamping. And when you sit two month on pit and see your enemies could only shitpost in local and forums while throwing stones onto your windows and scare to give you a fight. Well it’s time to do something else with such cowards. Will see what would happen in the next couple of weeks. I assume next thing is coming from TAPI a wall of post how victoriously they exctracted remaining supers while goons drop hellcamp. But we all know the difference. Well at least it’s obvious but not for TEST memebers.

      March 7, 2021 at 9:16 PM
    • Carvj94 Marus

      The war is nowhere close to its “last phase” bud. PAPI hasent even taken a third of Delve yet. Nevermind the fact that goons still have the bigger titan fleet and PAPI have already struggled every single step of the way due to their own blunders.

      March 7, 2021 at 11:55 PM
    • Garreth Vlox Marus

      So uh, when can we expect you to live up to vily’s threats to evict us and come take 1dq1 by force? You’re out of excuses… either jump in or just admit you can’t do it.

      March 8, 2021 at 11:05 AM
  • chimpy

    If papi titans get trapped in 1DQ the hellcamp will last until the end of Eve online as a game. The goon numbers in 1DQ and max player count grid limitaion netralise the 3 to 1 advantage that papi has relied upon as its only tactic. Anything that gets trapped in 1DQ is lost. Without having to split their forces between two system with jammers Goons can hold the grid. The only way to break it would be a post downtime login race.

    March 7, 2021 at 9:44 PM
    • Deni'z von Meanace chimpy

      They will not bring titans to 1DQ, they will not bring anything bigger than bs down there.

      March 7, 2021 at 10:02 PM
      • Garreth Vlox Deni'z von Meanace

        Then they might as well head home and try to save their home regions now since they aren’t evicting the imperium without taking 1dq1 and they aren’t taking 1dq1 without their supers and titans.

        March 8, 2021 at 11:06 AM
      • kwnyupstate . Deni'z von Meanace

        If they won’t bring titans and supers to 1DQ they should go home lol because they REALLY have zero chance at defeating the imperium then. Even if they have 3 to 1 player count advantage the imperium would slaughter them using titans and supers against subcaps.
        To take 1DQ they will need to lose tons of titans and supers which will also decimate their alliances since anyone else who has such ships left will smell blood in the water and eat them alive.

        March 8, 2021 at 5:28 PM
        • Deni'z von Meanace kwnyupstate .

          Unfortunately for them 3 to 1 is no longer a thing.

          March 8, 2021 at 8:24 PM
  • Good writing, Gwailar

    March 8, 2021 at 5:53 AM
    • Gwailar Matterall

      Why thank you. Always a pleasure to please the reader.

      March 8, 2021 at 7:41 PM
  • Bakina

    This is he triggering for the next titan slaughter, those titans in M2 will still be on the menu

    March 8, 2021 at 6:36 PM
  • Alaric Faelen

    If papi dared to bring supers to 1DQ they will do so with the primary focus on being able to escape. That is no way to win a fight. They simply cannot afford to get their supers pasted….again. Or worse, trapped in 1DQ. So any attack will be at best half hearted, with papi leadership hovering over the GTFO button.Or more likely they would send everyone else’s titans in, and make sure their shiny faction supers were not involved.

    Did notice that papi leadership made sure their titans got out of M2, then promptly told everyone else to suck it up. Train an alt… Now there is some real leadership #sarcasm.

    Now every papi member, especially allies that aren’t really benefiting from this war anyway, will have to think before they fleet up and hit Jump– are the idiots that got us welped then trapped for 2 months going to do it again? That whole leadership team is garbage, the only grand strategy they possess is to blob their way to a win. If that doesn’t immediately work– they end up with massive losses and their titans being taken away for two months until we allowed them to have them back.

    Another major blunder or big loss and people are just going to quit following these fools. They already got put in time out for two months. At this point the line members are basically stuck fighting a war they constantly get embarrassed in. All so vily and piggles can feel like big men among the null sec elites. Great reason to have your titan taken away for a couple months…

    March 9, 2021 at 6:56 AM