Legacy Town Hall: It’s The Servers Again!


Header art by Major Sniper.

On May 23, a joint TEST & Legacy town hall was held by ProGodLegend himself. To say this town hall if a gift to anyone who listens to it is an understatement. The first ten minutes of the town hall is the most eventful with a smorgasbord of tidbits that when appraised correctly, will leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy. 

There is one continued trait throughout this town hall, however, and that is the undertone of desperation to keep members logging in. For anyone keeping an eye on Normann’s number threads over the recent months, you will have noticed the continued decline of Legacy members logging in. This was evident by PGL’s focus on “unique” content, but I digress. Let’s get into some of the more interesting points in this town hall. 

The opening of the town hall focuses on a previous point made by PGL, that Legacy would retain control of all of their old space, and take Delve and Querious. PGL doubled down on this statement. 

“We are finally established in our new home, and somehow we have managed to do this without losing a single keepstar in our old space. So as far as we are concerned we still control all of our old space too.”


What PGL failed to mention, however, is the 14 trillion isk in losses in said “old” space. It’s a common tactic when attempting to improve morale to simply leave out less favorable information. However, I think it’s fair to say that EVE Online players are some of the most intelligent gamers there are, and by purposefully leaving this out, it becomes apparent that this town hall is simply an exercise in fooling the membership, rather than informing them.

“We’ve been doing, I would say, very well in the battles, we had a few minor hiccups in the battles and obviously the two big mistakes”


This comment, to be fair to PGL, is slightly better balanced, it attempts to put a positive spin on things, but acknowledges that things have gone wrong. However, this “wrong” was not small. Twice in one day PAPI fleets were utterly decimated by bombing runs. 

“Other than that we have done exceptionally well considering the odds we are against”


Now this is one of a few comments I will spend most of my time on. This reframing of the war is utterly absurd to anyone with any level of critical thinking. PAPI is the largest coalition ever created in EVE Online. No coalition has ever managed to get together this number of people before, yet here we are listening to PGL reframe things into Legacy being the underdog. Why?

Well, it’s quite blatant if you look at this town hall in a broader sense. Legacy leadership is concerned about the rate at which their members are losing interest in this war, and who can blame them? Especially when the war was essentially created in order to enhance the profile of individuals in TEST leadership. One only has to look at the recent CSM post by Vily to know that this is a person entirely captivated by their own voice, who believes in nothing but themselves. 

This reframing attempts to create a narrative that Legacy is an underdog, which couldn’t be further from the truth. However, should the war come to an end, and Legacy be left to fend for itself, it would certainly be true then.

The following quotes are taken from a couple of minutes of talk that repeat the same message, but it alludes to the same thing as above.

“I haven’t been this interested in the tactical side of the game in so long”

“I think what you are about to see, and what you’ve had for the last couple of weeks is some of the most unique eve content there will ever be”

“One in a gaming lifetime opportunity” 


Legacy numbers are falling, activity in the war is dropping, interest is waning and the leadership is clearly concerned. To spend this amount of time on hyping up a war that induced boredom by the design of Vily is bittersweet. Surely Legacy members cannot be this gullible? Can they? 

And to make my point even more solidified, PGL continues with

“As far as content goes, as far as gameplay goes, this is some of the most unique gameplay you will have”


Let there be no doubt: PGL is concerned, Legacy leadership is concerned. Now onto one of the out-there comments.

“I am almost 100% confident, ummm that by the time we do kick goons out of 1DQ and fully take off and win this war, within a month or two CCP will come out *interrupted* I am quite confident, just like what happened with rorqs and uhh the bounty system and all the econ changes, the moment Goons stop benefiting from it CCP will nerf it. And that’s not to say that CCP are favoring goons” 


This thought process was disturbed due to a bridge being taken by multiple fleets during the town hall, however, the point is not lost as PGL reiterates it. The notion that somehow CCP caters towards Goons has been one long-held by its enemies. It has been used to try and undervalue or diminish the achievements of the Imperium for a very long time, but the truth is far simpler. The Imperium works for the advantages it gets. The people involved spend countless hours, days, weeks, and months ensuring that efficiency is gained wherever possible. PGL’s attempts to diminish this show nothing but jealousy and a lack of understanding, even as he backpedals and tries to suggest he is not making the point he blatantly made just seconds earlier. 

“Every doctrine we are going to retire you can take it to Jita and sell it for stupidly inflated price and make some money, uhh so at least you all of your assets have gone up in money, so there is that”


This is one of those comments that you just have to scratch your head at. The notion that somehow because prices have gone up, selling ships from unused doctrines will make you rich is laughable. All ship prices have risen, and with a new TFI doctrine quite likely on the horizon, the isk Legacy members make from selling their ships will more than likely be less than they will need to spend on new doctrines coming in. So there is that…

Now we move onto the questions, most of which I will skip and focus primarily on a single question. A question about the management of server issues and the reinforcing of nodes. 

On Friday, May 21, Imperium and PAPI forces engaged in a Muninn vs Eagle fight, a fight that PGL FC’d for the PAPI side. You can find the battle report here.

In this fight, our fleet was orbiting 20km around PGL. PGL then advised his members that he would drag the enemy Muninn’s away from their fleet, in order to increase the Eagle fleet’s ability to hit while reducing the Muninn’s ability to hit. The problem being, PGL booshed away from the fleet, and our Muninn fleet simply anchored on one of our Goon FC’s in order to maintain a close orbit on the Eagle fleet. I provide this context so people can understand the last PGL quote I will provide from this town hall. 

“I want to give CCP a lot of props, we are both us and Goons I imagine, I don’t know for sure with Goons, but at least we have been in pretty constant contact with CCP throughout this war, and they are doing everything they can while also remaining fair to both sides to work with us, so, that was unfortunate and I am actually going to chalk that one up to myself for misunderstanding the policy. That one is actually my fault. That one is unfortunate I fucked up there. When I don’t fuck up and misunderstand the policy, we at least understand, you know, how the nodes are meant to be situated and what we can and can’t get away with now, hopefully as long as I don’t fuck up against we won’t run into the same thing Friday night. Which is really unfortunate because we are in a really good situation and we would have absolutely crushed that Muninn fleet on Friday night” 


Now there is spin, and there is being oblivious of reality. This comment is the latter. 

Dark Shines, one of the leaders of The Initiative. Responded to this claim with amusement.

“The fleet orbited him at close range to mitigate damage from the eagles, a long-range doctrine. His fleet stopped moving and sat at 0m/s to lower transversal. Then when they were still losing they overheated and burnt out of bubbles. He got outplayed”

Dark Shines

This is not the first time, and I assume it won’t be the last time where PGL attempts to blame a loss on server issues. However, having been at this fight, and having engaged the Eagle fleet, there were no server issues. There was the standard time dilation that we experience in all larger fights in EVE Online, but no server issues that would have changed the outcome of this fight.

There you have it, folks, if you simply look slightly underneath many of the points that share a commonality in these town halls, you can see the truth that Legacy tries so hard to hide. Numbers are an issue and they are attempting a multitude of ways to convince their members that this war, for the aggrandizement of few, is for the benefit of many. Those unknown F1 pressing players that most of the FC’s will never know, meet or remember, will somehow gain infamy when the war is over.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

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  • William Doe

    He’s going to be seriously butthurt if they’re ever going to get in 1DQ and the server starts hiccupping or crapping out when too many Goons log in to defend their home. Can already feel the cope/excuses coming now.

    May 25, 2021 at 9:19 AM
  • Deni'z von Meanace

    From the PGL’s perspectives they just doing fine and that’s all we need to know. Holding old and new grounds, locked goons in a corner etc. He is just high.

    May 25, 2021 at 12:27 PM
  • Novartis

    Looking at the link to what Vily wrote, it seems like he’s only want to talk about the old glory from a decade ago, but quite purposely avoid any talking to what happened with him at the current decade. So much for the crave to be a CSM

    May 25, 2021 at 1:09 PM
  • Guilford Australis

    “I want to give CCP a lot of props, we are both us and Goons I imagine, I don’t know for sure with Goons, but at least we have been in pretty constant contact with CCP throughout this war, and they are doing everything they can while also remaining fair to both sides to work with us…”

    Reminder: This statement comes from an individual who specifically excluded the 3-DMQT constellation from his request to CCP for node reinforcement during one of the M2- ops, apparently in hopes that crushing tidi in 1DQ would prevent an effective Imperium response.

    So yeah, I guess he *is* counting on CCP to be attentive to his requests for strategic assistance.

    May 25, 2021 at 1:16 PM
  • Caleb Ayrania

    You left out the glorious Ponzi scheme remarks.. I giggled at that both times!

    May 25, 2021 at 3:16 PM
    • Moomin Amatin Caleb Ayrania

      I also noted that. I also noted that no other so called news site mentions it either. In fact the “analysis” has been somewhat lacking. Every word Mittens speaks is held to a far higher standard than anyone else. I remember PAPI being told back in November that there just needed to be one last re-doubling of effort and the Goons would be done for. So where is the full analysis of the TAPI “Ponzi” scheme? 😉

      May 25, 2021 at 9:23 PM
  • Moomin Amatin

    It was refreshing to see Piggles state that The Imperium would be hunted down no matter where they go. This harkens back to the “extermination” language used originally and repeatedly throughout this war. I am starting to think that PAPI do really intend to stop people from playing a video game.

    May 25, 2021 at 9:19 PM
  • Majestic

    “Weak Willy” General and his Pigles consiglieri has only shown that they are losers of this war.
    1. Military they are not special as they thought they are (M2, whelping theirs entire fleets on gates to bombers, 2t losses and 0 progress at 3D in one month period, losing bodies due to constant NO progress, whelping subcaps vs caps).
    2. Those pilots, who wanted PVP, who believed to their leaders, had received PVP already. Isn’t 1 year long enough to join fleets? There no undefended Keeps and Sotiyos to shoot in Delve, so what else to do? Normal players are bored with constant TIDI PVP, so PAPI calls for Frat and AoM fresh meat to save numbers, bringing new food to Goons meatgrinder, lol.
    3. Morale of PAPI players goin down, coz they dont see and progress or glorious victories, like shooting undefended structures. Trading ships with Goons is only burden for SRP funds, and not fun for real players to sit in constant 10% TIDI and wasting your time, that you can spend better with more joy ingame or RL.
    4. Goons morale is flying higher and higher with every successful defence of 3D. Even more Goons logging in, coz they have already tasted the wind and smell of coming victory.
    5. PAPI knows, that using Supers vs Goons will be ultimate defeat for them all and for Goons also. But Goons are willing to sucrifice it’s glory and history of EvE online, PAPI – are not. Will they trade Titans 1 to 1, on terms of Goons, destroying all their Supercapital fleet simultaniously AND only real big force left on server, that will not come and trade it’s Titans – will be Fraternity, coz they are not as stupid as YOLO Legacy clowns. If they were so stupid, they will be Legacy on Serenity, but we do not see Legacy there, do we? Btw, prices and complexity for building new Titans is so high, that any reasonable player thinks twice, because they will have no SRP, and no possibility to rebuild it himself.
    6. So, whats next? Horde going home. Frat goin home. Legacy are following them, as their puppy. Why? Coz Weak Willy said it himself – this war is going to be greatest Legacy victory or greatest mistake. We are coming closer to the ‘mistake’ future… Goons reclaim their regions back. Plus, Esoteria ofc.
    7. War is over.

    May 26, 2021 at 8:05 AM