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ArcheAge 3.0: Revelation – A Breath of Fresh Air

Nick Stablein 2016-12-10

ArcheAge 3.0: Revelation Today, ArcheAge releases it’s biggest expansion yet. Revelation introduces two new races to the game, the Warborn and Dwarves. With the inclusion of these new races, there are six new zones for players to explore.  The most interesting addition with this expansion is the new “Fresh Start” servers. These new servers allow…

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Archeage: A Guide to Trion’s September Promo

Porkbutte 2016-09-15

As XL Games and Trion get ready to launch the much anticipated 3.0 patch for Archeage at the end of the year, a series of promotions have kicked off to get players equipped and outfitted with some pretty neat stuff. For September’s promotion, they are introducing a Seabug mount and other goodies that you can attain…

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Gommel Nox 2016-08-24

WHAT’S A META? Every multiplayer video game has a meta-game, a game-within-a-game, so to speak. This is where players interact, band together, and engage in conflict of one form or another, depending on the game. Most of the time, “the meta” revolves around what classes, weapons, and fighting strategies are the most popular – essentially…