Ex-FCON Nyx, Leviathan Down in Black Rise


PRISM, Black Rise. On June 12, Snuffed Out and Project.Mayhem destroyed an ex-FCON Leviathan and Nyx.

With the Imperium pushed out of its sovereignty and as corporations move to other alliances, supercapital pilots are left stuck with their big ships in hostile or neutral space.

The same goes for OPUS STYX, a corporation who left FCON not too long ago and joined I N G L O R I O U S. One of the corporation’s supercapital pilots was attempting to move to Catch in his Nyx and Leviathan. However, after jumping into Lonetrek, he popped up on local radar, and a hunt began.

Nefretieri, the titan pilot, stated, “Yeap, it was the last titan from the corp (to move out of Tribute). The rest are all in Catch now.” New Father, the FC for the Snuff fleet, noted that titan was “[…]in Tribute and heading to Catch. We saw him jump into Lonetrek then he jumped immediately out to another mid, where he waited it out for another ten minutes.”

The hunters immediately sprung into action, setting up scouts in the few systems where the titan and supercarrier could possibly go. Pings went out to be ready for a kill and after just a few minutes a neutral cyno went up in Prism. “They all left local,” one scout reported, another exclaiming “Yeap got them here!” After landing on the Nyx, a friendly cyno flew open, bringing in a swarm of HICs, BLOPs and capitals.

Nefretieri successfully warped off the titan to a safe located 3-4AU from the Nyx’s position, but as he landed, so did combat probes. Even after cloaking it was too late for the titan pilot, as the combat probes had finished their cycle and HICs were already in warp to his position at 0m. After the Nyx was destroyed, capitals not in siege mode, HICs, and BLOPs warped to their fleet members holding the titan down. A few minutes later, the remaining dreadnoughts were warped in and the Leviathan died quite quickly. This comes to an estimated 128B ISK in killmails for Snuffed Out and Project.Mayhem.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Lemba.

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