“This trap was setup for months. We patiently waited for the release of the gong…” – DlCard, Senior Member of Snuffed Out

The Stage

Lonetrek region, Hakonen. From March 9, 23:27 to March 10, 00:30 EVE time, heavy gunfire ripped through the hulls of three titans and one Nyx belonging to CO2, a member of The Imperium. The four supercapital kills were part of a much larger engagement that ended up costing The Imperium nearly 405B ISK.

“It all started when Voltron went to reinforce the R64 in Hakonen.”, said Sebastien Saintfrusquin of CO2. The Imperium, according to Sebastien, was on its way to Vale for another R64 timer and when Voltron took siege to the POS in Hakonen, The Imperium changed course to Hakonen and jumped in multiple supercarriers and titans. In hindsight, the choice to jump into Hakonen would be a terrible decision.

CO2 Titans Down

The Personal Account

Sebastien continued,

“An Imperium T3 fleet was on its way and decided to divert to the tower in Hakonen. They were there in less than a minute and killed the cyno inhibitor and CO2 jumped in whatever supercapitals and titans we had available. Voltron took a few capital losses, but managed to get tackle and bumps on several titans while calling for more HICs, triage carriers, and dreadnoughts. A PL fleet, intended for Vale, also changed its course to Hakonen.”

CO2 Titans gets #REKT in Hakonen

“The Imperium was unable to deal with the Voltron support and had to leave the field. By the time reinforcements had arrived, Voltron and PL had destroyed three of our titans and one of our Nyxes”, finished Sebastien.

He went on to state that, “…everything will be replaced in a few days because ISK is as meaningless to them as sov and supercapitals are these days in CCP’s twisted new vision of that part of their endgame.”

The Fleets and Cost

The Imperium jumped in nine titans, fourteen supercarriers, and seventeen capital ships supported by a 130-man Proteus fleet, losing three titans, one supercarrier, four capital ships and over a dozen subcaps. Voltron and PL took very few losses in the subcap department, but lost thirty five capital ships in exchange for the four super capital kills. The Imperium took their ISK war-filled cup and threw it out the window, losing just under 405B ISK, while Voltron and Snuff lost just over 91.5B ISK.

TMC has reached out to the Snuffed Out fleet commander, D0nnieDark0, and will update as soon as his comment becomes available.

(Editor’s Note: This is far from the first time Hakonen has been the site of a bloodbath in recent weeks. This lowsec system near Caldari space saw 180B ISK go up in flames in a TiDi-filled battle over a pair of CO2 moon mining towers last week, and a large number of Machariels destroyed near the end of January. CO2 was also involved in another major Hakonen brawl last December, claiming over 67 billion ISK during a conflict over towers.)

Article Image Credit:  Lazlow Jones Fabulous Space Photography

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