An Interview at The Iron Throne


Recently I had the opportunity to interview Tridgit – executor to Iron Armada – about the recent changes on the front lines of Fountain. Together with Feign Disorder and Wild Hunt, the Heathens Coalition has secured a strong footing in the south of Fountain in the last two months.

Could you tell us what Iron’s objective was moving into Fountain, knowing that The Culture would be one of your neighbors?

Having a home, taking it by force, and not being handheld was one of the things that Iron simply needed to do at that point in time. We spent some time projecting out of Black Rise fighting Pandemic Horde while we scoped out the area in Fountain, and decided that TC were not as scary to us as they seem on paper, or would be to an EUTZ alliance.

We are well versed in defensive sov warfare, and we were confident in our ability to repell any attempts that TC would take in eviction. Goal-wise, we intentionally chose Fountain due to its geography, and the riches held within.

Other than the obvious presence of TC, have any of the other Fountain residents posed a tactical or strategic threat to Iron Armada?

Surface level only. The FCORE crew was in a spell of inactivity, and both of TC’s allies (Pixels and Relax) were not a threat. There is always the ever present threat of roams, blops, cloaky camping etc, but not serious threats.

We saw the opportunity to strike in and plant flags quickly in a region that was left to fallow.

You mention the riches of Fountain. Do you feel it’s an under-utilized region?

Sorta. Due to its geography it’s a pain in the ass of a region to work with. It’s why goons haven’t held the region and have allowed TC to live in the northern side of it.

The south of Fountain has been largely empty because it takes a certain type of group to live there. If someone connected to NCdot or PanFam (or whoever) was to try to move into the area, then that would be a threat to which goons would be forced to respond.

Iron though? We are tiny in comparison to these massive coalition blocks, so its not a threat to them. And before you ask why don’t more people do what we did? Too many people are wrapped up in their ‘eve politics’ or to skittish to risk failure. Our staging is beside an NPC unconquerable station by design.

If we had failed, or in future if a bigger fish comes, we have already planned for it. We came to the region with no friends and punched everyone in the face as much as we could.

I’ve heard that Iron is growing pretty quickly. What do you attribute the growth to?

Our growth isn’t actually that quick tbh, in comparison to other groups. Is a steady incline. It would be faster if we accepted member corps, but that wouldn’t fit our culture.

This is the key to our growth, however. No internal division. A welcoming atmosphere, and the expectation that every member learns and improves without the typical toxicity that comes with “don’t be shit” groups.

We run a meritocracy, and we’ve had a lot of people step up in the last year or so that has contributed to our growth velocity improving.

Attitude is likely one of the key factors. The harsh reality of eve is that when someone looks for a home, or a new home, you need to be able to answer the question “What makes you different”. We have corp programs. We have lots of fleets. We have good ratting space. We have blah blah. Heard it all before right?

My answer would be more complicated, and annoyingly in the form of many questions most likely, ha ha. I ask if people want to try to innovate, use asymmetrical warfare and force multipliers, fight outnumbered, to be the underdog. But I also ask what they are looking for in a corp and what they can do for it, cause we have expectations, and I want to recruit people that fit into our ideals who are looking for a home.

Given the unique culture of Iron, is there anything other than what you’ve stated which is in that mix which you think sets you apart from other corporations and alliances in the same size?

Strong independent woman memes aside, I don’t see a single group Irons size doing what we are doing. There’s niche groups that do their thing and that’s cool. NPC Null, Wormholes, Lowsec, whatever.

Most groups you see in null are either wrapped up in the ‘big meta’ and are a part of some coalition to varying degrees, or they are simply focused on planting their flag and krabbing, despite lamenting about being PvP focused groups. Unfortunately even these groups are basically a relic of the past. The last real vestige of independent null are going away rapidly. Wicked Creek has been annexed, Scalding Pass as well from what I can see, Cloud Ring controlled by GoTG/Horde…. Only Fountain is left, for a short while.

Iron’s been at war, constantly and intentionally, since basically our time in Molden Heath (2 years)

When things cool off we go and find the conflict. Iron is a wartime alliance. We do deployments. On the home front we have had multiple eviction attempts happen towards us and our internal resilience is unbelievable. Solidarity and trust in leadership is incredible (and appreciated), and when we all pull on the rope together we pull harder than our weight-class leads some to believe.

What’s next for Iron, given the apparent evacuation of The Culture from Fountain?

Kick them in the ass on the way out, #GhoAway.

Then it’s clean up of infrastructure and remaining hostiles, expand our influence in the region a bit, spend a short time driving towards financial goals for our members, and then it’s off to the next adventure.

Any parting thoughts on the state of EVE and the political or military landscape? Who’s getting it right, who’s not?

EVE right now is in a curious situation. There’s multiple massive coalitions – all of whom have history and baggage with each other – who are basically in a state of arms race. But it’s destination-less, as none of them are truly willing to fight each other in a war due to the current mechanics of Sov and citadels, so we are in flux right now. It’s only proxy wars.

Triumvirate and C02 had it right. “Fuck it, let’s fight.” Too bad for that I guess, the goonisters always pay their debts. McNCdot are doing their thing against Init and Snuff. Dunno what Test is up to, rejoin mother goonion or curses with a slow and probably betrayal?

The state of the north + the state of the south + the Rus is giving me flashbacks to the days of CFC v N3.

Hopefully Iron can continue to find our fun and fights and our progress, despite all that mentioned above.

So to actually answer your question: On the individual level, If people are having fun, then they are doing it right, regardless of what ‘it’ is.

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for reaching out. o/

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