World War Bee: Week 10


Week 10 of World War Bee hit a new low in action as forces continued to reposition across the Southwest of New Eden. INN’s tally of fights in the war for week 10 is a mere six fights of consequence, down from last week’s low of 19 fights. While PandaFam and TEST/Legacy super capitals have already been redeployed to staging systems in the South from their previous Northern staging, this week’s “phony war” action is likely a lead up to entosis fights across Querious as PandaFam tries to push into Delve. At time of writing, PandaFam had already made some progress with iHubs in the A-Z7C9 constellation in Querious, the gateway to NPC Delve.

The ISK war in the war zone of the Southwest is 63% to 37% in favor of the attackers. The war has destroyed 18.7 trillion ISK in assets and 193k ships in the affected area. Across New Eden, since July 1, the ISK divide is 50.6% to 49.4% for the attackers with 25.3 trillion ISK and 234k ships destroyed across the galaxy. The war populations have seen little movement on the battle reports with the Imperium standing pat at just shy of 53k characters versus 147k characters for PandaFam and TEST/Legacy. The average ship lost to date was worth 108.2 million ISK. A rough estimate of the real world value of the war’s losses is no less than 352k USD/264k GBP/295k EUR.

For the first time in the war, so far, there were no fights with losses greater than 20 billion ISK in week 10. Even with fights where capitals appeared on grid, they were relatively small affairs.

The two major theaters are the North (Fountain and the border with Aridia and Cloud Ring as well as Northern Delve) and the South (the rest of Delve, Paragon Soul, Querious, Stain, Period Basis, and Esoteria).


Week 10 in the North was quiet until late Monday as forces from The Initiative (INIT) led by FC La Loca Fappuccino tested the waters in Fountain by leading entosis hacking fleets over the course of the day, eventually reinforcing most of Fountain. While the fleet was out, they opportunistically shot at an Astrahus in the Pegasus constellation that was abandoned. They killed the citadel while covering hackers, only to find that there was a fully fueled Ark inside one of the cans. According to the FC, the Evepraisal for all of the dropped loot, including the Ark, was roughly 15 billion ISK.

By Wednesday, Imperium forces, largely led by INIT, killed most of the iHubs in Fountain and dropped many replacements. Later on Wednesday, Imperium fleets destroyed a Pandemic Horde Fortizar in Y-2ANO. By Thursday or Friday, INIT had taken all but nine hostile iHubs in Fountain, and later on Friday they destroyed an NC. Fortizar. The week in the North ended on Saturday with INIT destroying a Fraternity Fortizar in Fountain.

According to various reports, PandaFam has roughly 20 citadels left in Fountain, on par with the remaining citadels for the Imperium.


Week 10 in the South began Sunday evening with an Imperium Ferox fleet outdueling a Legacy Ferox fleet on a jump bridge in Querious, killing 10.8 billion ISK for 5.9 billion in losses. The action was recorded by Imperium senior FC John Hartley and uploaded. Some action continued Monday as an Imperium Harpy and Caracal fleet wiped a Legacy Cormorant and Jackdaw fleet, killing 12.2 billion ISK for 3.2 billion in losses.

Tuesday was busier in the South as it began mid-day when a Goon home defense gang caught an NC. black ops gang in Delve, killing 13 billion ISK for 255.5 million in losses. A little bit later, an Imperium Jackdaw fleet fought a Legacy Ferox fleet to a standstill, chasing them off a friendly Fortizar in Stain, trading even at 5.4 billion ISK in losses for the Imperium to 5.8 billion ISK in losses for Legacy. Again, John Hartley posted a video. Fleet action closed on Tuesday with some Lokis and a Nidhoggur getting caught on the gate by the ASCEE gatecampers from G-M4GK in TCAG-3, with the Imperium killing 5.6 billion for 1.1 billion ISK in losses. Elsewhere, French Connection lost an unfit Fortizar in Querious to a PandaFam capital structure-bashing fleet.

Action in the South continued Friday as an Imperium Ferox fleet faced off with a PandaFam Muninn fleet in Querious along the A-Z7C9 constellation. Despite PandaFam dropping dreads and carriers, the outnumbered Feroxes killed 11 billion ISK for 3.6 billion in losses. The week closed with some relatively funny action as some Goon Titans lanced a PandaFam Cormorant fleet and a Cormorant slap fight, also recorded by John Hartley.

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  • Moomin Amatin

    Thank you for these wonderful updates. I especially like how you match things up on zkill to support your reporting. Makes it a lot easier when trying to explain to PAPI that they outnumber goons 2 to 1 (or far more as I was using PAPI prefered ratios) and could win any time they want. But they are going for a “slow squeeze” in order to kill us according to some pretending to be important bloc FCs. They are going to take their sweet time about it all. This is odd as they are saving the game by killing goons. Well news in PAPI, you are not saving anything at this rate and can Eve survive until Feb? Seems like a gamble to me.

    September 14, 2020 at 12:03 PM