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Submission 2015-08-31

Black Legion leader Capri Sun Kraftfoods announced recently that his alliance is leaving Fountain in favor of lowsec. In his announcement found below, he aired all his grievances with the state of EVE as of now while updating the alliance…

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TEST Moves to Curse

TMC Archives 2013-09-01

TEST spent the past few weeks inĀ Soliara following their defeat in the Fountain War against the CFC. In an announcement on the TEST forums, alliance leader BoodaBooda describes the next steps theĀ alliance is to take as they continue to find…

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58: The Fall of IT Alliance

TMC Archives 2011-02-26

The unthinkable has happened: our adversaries of the Great War, the core corporations which once formed Band of Brothers – the same corporations which laid the foundation of IT Alliance – have schismed, splitting apart into factions amid a storm…

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36: All Bugged Up

TMC Archives 2010-01-11

Dominion! A galaxy full of war! Large scale conflicts in every major sector, TCUs and SBUs popping up all across New Eden, fleets and supercapitals exploding and dying in appropriately dramatic ways! It’s a pity that the servers are horrifically…