TEST Moves to Curse


TEST spent the past few weeks in Soliara following their defeat in the Fountain War against the CFC. In an announcement on the TEST forums, alliance leader BoodaBooda describes the next steps the alliance is to take as they continue to find their way in a post-sov holding state:

It is time. TEST has brooded in lowsec, sloughing off corporations and members to be reborn as the autistic phoenix. We’re not going to look back as we leave Soliara; we are a nullsec alliance and shall continue being one until the day we die. Presently you have two options for your stuff in Aridia: liquidate it or bring it to Curse. Beyond alliance services there is Black Frog if you wish to get your assets there immediately. There will be no convoys to Curse it’s 40 jumps Jesus Christ. If you want to leave your assets behind be my guest, but we’re not going back to that bunghole of space anytime soon. If you leave anything behind after next week you will have to take care of it on your own.

Our staging system is G-0Q86 using top station G-0Q86 V-5 Archangels Logistic Support. We have a staging tower already setup in system and your corporation should have an office in G-0Q86 or in a nearby system. Dreidel Division has been hard at work getting the market seeded, and while it is by no means complete you can expect to have a comfortable supply of modules on the market by the end of the week. Of course we will also have jump freighter and carrier moving services to help move your assets/ships, which should start appearing in the Services Offered subforum over the next few days. This move is going to take a while; we don’t expect to see 200 people in G-0Q86 local tomorrow. That being said you’ve got one week to figure out what you want to do with all of your shit before we leave Aridia. Here is what to expect from Curse:


The people who live here are the same kind of dudes that live in Fountain core. They use the term “carebearing” for jewing and unironically say “toon” when referring to one of their characters. Generally speaking they are inbred, space hillbilly-gypsies and they are much better at this game than you are. To have a chance at survival you need to make instant undocks, station perches, gate perches, deep safes, and offgrids for almost every system in the Hale Constellation. I also highly suggest that you make gate perches in every transit system in Curse (so all of them). You’re going to get so paranoid from living in Curse that you’ll ask your cat to +1 you before you enter a room; this is a good thing and will pass in time. THE INTEL CHANNEL FOR CURSE IS “Cursed Status”.


A wealthy alliance is a happy alliance; unfortunately CCP does not provide welfare checks to people when they find themselves out of a home. There are some very dead regions of space adjacent to us and our goal in Curse is to take moons and assets to feed the TEST machine; as a result of that there are going to be a lot of bad guys trying stop us. In addition to the locals, the entirety of Catch and Providence is rather low-hanging fruit and there are many opportunities to take stuff in the other nearby regions as well. Our first order of business is to make the local’s lives miserable: I want no POCO or POS left standing. Beyond standard alliance-y things you’ll have more small gang and skirmish warfare than you can shake a Cynabal at. You can go on a gatecamp in VOL or HLW or Doril at any time of the day and get a lot of kills. This is going to be an amazing experience for our FCs and if they even take out a few fleets they will improve significantly.


G-0Q86 has 10 level 4 security agents. This ain’t your typical 1k isk/lp faction, angel cartel LP has some of the most profitable conversions in the game. Dramiels, Cynabals, and Machariels all sell for insane margins if you get the blueprints, and of course there is always Archangel ammo and implant sets. In addition to that you’ll have access to anomalies, belt ratting, plexes, hacking sites, PI, and all of the other sources of income that you are used to from living in Fountain, Delve, Catch, and so on and so forth. For those of you who did missions in Aridia you’ll be happy to hear that the two factions don’t interact with each other all that much so you’re standings will remain intact. If for some weird reason you have poor Angel Cartel standings there is always the Angel Cartel Epic Arc to fix that.


This isn’t like previous Curse deployments. This is the next step for TEST 3.0 and the chips are on the table. We’re calling all corporations, squads, and pilots to join us into G-0Q86, selling all of our shit, and throwing ourselves into the cleansing fire of NPC null. If we survive the first few weeks of Curse I can guarantee you that we will grow stronger, larger, and be ready to take the steps necessary to accommodate our alliance’s size. We’re going to G-0Q86 and I’ll see you there.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Hendrick Tallardar.

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