60+ Billion Isk Raven Down, Gankers Rejoice


Some pilots struggle for isk to replace their Drake after losing it while ratting, while others dedicate weeks and months of PVE, industry, or marketeering towards earning enough to pay for a supercarrier or titan.

If that is the case, one wonders how long it took Kendrak Tzitson to amass the wealth needed to outfit his Caldari Navy Raven with modules that are more expensive than the average titan fitting… or how much longer he’ll need to PVE to get it all back again.

Khendrak Tzitson’s Raven Navy Issue was destroyed by a Talos/Catalyst fleet fielded by Spec Pvpers Inducing Chaotic Yarrs [SPY-Z] at 04:43 this morning, via http://zkillboard.com/detail/33115744/

Note: the current zkillboard isk evaluation does not include the market value of all the officer items on the killmail; we estimate this to be a 60b+ isk kill.

One of our own TMC fitting experts ran his loadout through EFT. The results were eye popping:

Sadly, 904 DPS and the ability to tank 2070 DPS while boosting was not able to save him from the combined alpha of 5 Talos and 28 Catalysts.

Murdd, the FC of the ganking fleet and the top damage recipient on the killmail confided to a TMC field reporter that the gank occured while the target was doing a mission as the killmail suggests. The target’s pod, worth roughly 1.2 billion isk, was also killed. He went on to describe the operation:

So we decided one day that we wanted to wreck havoc on the highsec carebears that think empire is a safe haven for their isk. I started this corp up again with the intention of that and to make people cry. We sat down and figured out that killing miners was just not enough for us. We upgraded to the talos and started scanning out mission runners in different mission hubs that just poured out carebears left and right. Our goals were small. Just to have fun and killing anything over a bil was just plain fun and filled us with laughter on ts3 at people crying in local for what we killed. But then…we had the appetite for more.

We started google docs filled with targets that were looking to use our Ship Removal Services. Filled it with peeps ranging from 2-5bil. But then we found this one guy running missions in a ship that needed to die…..full of isk. We first scanned him down 4 weeks ago. Got his ship scan, used the trusty evepraisal.com, got his ship ID and was waiting for our chance. He was an older player who logged on to run one mission then log. So the 1st time we weren’t ready.

So we waited every night for 4 weeks to get our chance. He logged on about 4 times before tonight all of which he was out of our grasp to kill. But I kept all my guys excited with other multibillion kills to pass the time.

Then tonight happened….

With him logging in to run one mission only in a 62bil isk ship we always had all our ships ready waiting in the next door system to go. Angel2313, Boston Bradley, Denali elsy, Nakata Kanawaza and I were on just dinking around about 10 jumps out.

He logged on and we all freaked. Docked up, switched to pods and burned to our gank ships as fast as we can. He undocks and heads to a mission in a 0.6 system which is like the cream of the crop when it comes to ganking. We have his ID and we rescanned him to make sure he didnt switch to civilian invulns when we weren’t looking. Now we are all fleeted up…

We never jump in all at once to blow local up. We trickle in one by one and warp to the mission entrance gate and everyone waits for my go. We all land and the alt goes in to get eyes to make sure he is waiting at 0 in the first room. As luck prevailed he was sitting there at our optimal right at the beacon waiting for SPY-Z Ship Removal Services to be served…

I give the align, overheat, fraps on, pants down….activate gate guys! We all land right on him, unleash drones, lock him up and they wait for my command. Every FC knows exactly what to say at this point…Let’s kill this fucker!!!!

Even with his active tank, our ships melted him before concord or the other carebears in local could even realize what happened. And to make our point made, we podded him to get that extra tear down our faces for all the time and effort put into it.

So far his only rebuttal as been to give us all 1bil bounties. Oh and a lot of isk thrown into the pot.

At the time of publishing this article, victim Khendrak Tzitson was not available for comment.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Phreeze.

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