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RMT Records Brings You “Mad Bros”

Paramemetic 2018-07-27

Everyone knows that feeling: you log into your favorite mining system, get ready to undock your rorqual, and oh no, a red in system. Isn’t that the same guy who was here yesterday? You come back in a few hours. He’s still…

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NCdot destroys friendly faction fortizars

Paramemetic 2018-07-22

As most eyes remain fixated on the Legacy hellcamp in UALX-3, action continues on the Western front as well. In a series of structure bashes on Saturday, July 22, NCdot saw off the final timer for three faction fortizars belonging…

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Ministry Of Truth Returns: Imperial Legacy

Rhivre 2018-07-14

With any war comes propaganda. This latest conflict to strike New Eden is no different. A newly revamped Ministry of Truth, headed by INN’s own Paramemetic, have answered the call, and produced their first video of the campaign. In it,…