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Imperium Sacrifices 250 Dreads to Kill Keepstar in FWST-8

Arrendis 2020-10-05

OCT 5, 2020: FWST-8, DELVE—Nearly 3700 players clashed in NPC Delve today in what is likely the bloodiest single engagement of World War Bee. The fighting centered on an anchoring FRT Keepstar. Outnumbered by as many as 500 opponents, the…

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World War Bee: Week Four

Ban Syrin 2020-08-03

Week four of World War Bee saw a fair amount of action, and some major strategic shifts. The ISK split in the major theaters continues to be roughly 60%-40% in favor of the attackers. In the two main theaters of…

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World War Bee: Week Three

Ban Syrin 2020-07-27

Three weeks into World War Bee and the advantage between its parties has stabilized at about a 60-40% ISK loss split. That equals roughly 2.9 trillion ISK lost by the Imperium and 2 trillion ISK by PandaFam and Legacy. By aggregating battle…

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Not So Socially Distant In Space

Robert Miller 2020-03-27

My main belongs to one of the alliances that make up the Imperium. It holds space north of Delve, and is one of several groups that form a defensive shield on the western edge of the map against any invasion…

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You shall not pass: TEST Christmas Roam Provokes Supercapital Response

Quendan 2018-12-27

At 21:00 EVE Time on December 23, a TEST Alliance Christmas roam met its end at the hands of the Imperium’s hastily summoned super capital fleet. The damage is estimated to be around 87 billion ISK, about half of which…

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Is A Massive Nerf of Delve Ratting Coming?

Arrendis 2018-12-24

CCP may secretly be planning to take drastic actions to nerf the Imperium’s income with a nerf of ratting activities in the Southwest of New Eden. This potential move comes as the Monthly Economic Report has once again shown Delve…

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Delve and Back Again

Savvy Kneel 2018-07-01

I’ve been “Eve-curious” for a long time. An avid – albeit casual – gamer, I’ve dipped into maybe half a dozen different MMOs over the past several years. I’ve tried a few B2P and F2P offerings, but have never found…

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Contracts to be added to MER

Rhivre 2018-03-23

In all the kerfuffle over the Tuesday patch and server instability and bugs that have followed, it would be easy to miss something that happened this week. In a tweet on Feb 19, CCP Quant announced that contracts will be…

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Deadliest Day: Excavators down in Delve

Rhom Achensa 2018-01-11

Enemies of The Imperium destroyed nearly 120 Excavator mining drones in Delve on January 7, which is the highest one-day total in the region for at least a month. The drones are used to churn out massive amounts of ore…

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A Christmas treat

mistwarden 2017-12-27

‘Twas the night before christmas, and all through NPC Delve Not a structure was standing, not even one anchored by Gobbins himself The ceptors were murdered on the gate with care In hopes that PL would actually be there The…

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Clawing through the Dispute in Tribute

Johnny Crowe 2017-08-24

“I’m Johnny Crowe, coming to you live from an umbilical cord in PNDN-V” – Dirk MacGirk I told you I would steal that and shamelessly I have. He wasn’t wrong though; I was essentially attached to an umbilical cord, nourishing…

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Horde Deploys to Delve: Bringing the fight to the Goons

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-08-23

Effective immediately, Pandemic Horde has deployed to the Delve region under operation “Delve Blitz.” In Gobbins’s post about the Alliance-wide deployment, he stated that the goal was to hit Goon assets in their homeland. Specifically, Horde is putting pressure by…

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ALOTD: Awful Losses Of The Deployment

Jack 2017-08-11

The Imperium went on deployment in the north just over a week ago, but it seems some of Delve’s most stubborn ISK farmers still haven’t got the message. The Super-Carrier and Rorqual kills are coming in so fast that Imperium…

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NC Loki Fleet Dunked By Alt Defense Fleet

Johnny Crowe 2017-08-06

“LET’S SEE HOW MANY ALTS WE HAVE – IF WE HIT MAXIMUM ALTFLEET THEN WAR AROUND THE GALAXY IS FOREVER SECURE” -TheMittani Alt Fleet, Best Fleet At around 01:00 EvE time, the Swarm formed up in Delve staging, in preparation…