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CCP Weekly Wrap-Up – May 18-24 2021

Undeadenemy 2021-05-25

Nullification and Warp Module Update – Now Live The nullification and warp core stabilizer changes are now live on TQ. This is the largest update to these mechanics in years and all players utilizing them should be aware of how…

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Takeaways from CCP’s Monthly Economic Report – February 2021

Lex Peritus 2021-03-29

CCP has released EVE’s latest report on the state of the economy, offering insight to the game’s current macroeconomics. Delve Remains a Center for Economic Activity Delve continues to be the second most productive region in the game outside of…

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The Counterintuitive Economy of EVE Online

Simon Chui 2021-01-20

Many aspects of the EVE Online economy superficially resemble real-world market economies, which might tempt us to try using real-world economic theories to understand the game. But EVE differs from the real world in fundamental ways and misunderstanding these differences can lead to mistakes.

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MER: May 2020 Released

Hai Ren 2020-06-29

CCP released the Monthly Economic Report (MER) for May 2020 on June 24. This may be the final report on a peacetime economy for some time, as the end of the Imperium-Legacy Non-Invasion Pact (NIP) set for July 5, carries…

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EVE Online Releases the MER for November

Gray Doc 2018-12-08

We are in a season of giving, so let’s open our presents and see what we’ve received recently. Delve once again looms large and skews the scale, but we we are getting used to seeing that for quite awhile. So,…

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April Monthly Economic Report – Diving into Numbers off the Beaten Path

Erick Asmock 2018-05-14

Header art by Empanada Welcome to another fun episode of the EVE Online Monthly Economic Report. The April edition has a few gems hidden in it. This month we are going to take a look at Delve in comparison to…

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CCP Releases March Economic Report – Highsec Loses Its Production Dominance

Erick Asmock 2018-04-09

Header art by Smultar A few days ago CCP released the latest edition of the Monthly Economic Report for March.  For residents of Delve, it did not disappoint. It may even have surprised a few folks. The big news that…

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The Grand Manip

Submission 2018-04-09

Header Art by Major Sniper [Editor’s Note: This article comes to us from Goonswarm Financial Director Aryth, and has been published as is] We are going into the 6th month of the Lifeblood patch. For all of those months I…

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Contracts to be added to MER

Rhivre 2018-03-23

In all the kerfuffle over the Tuesday patch and server instability and bugs that have followed, it would be easy to miss something that happened this week. In a tweet on Feb 19, CCP Quant announced that contracts will be…

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CCP Releases the January 2018 Monthly Economic Report

Erick Asmock 2018-02-06

The first thing I do with the MER each month is to quickly run through the report and see what catches my interest, or makes me go “whoa!”.  It’s a terrible habit. Since the scale changes from month to month…

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December MER Update

Erick Asmock 2018-01-15

MER, MER on the wall… That’s right I don’t call it the M E R. I am stuck in MER as in mirror. Am I right or wrong…I simply don’t care.  The bottom line is that it continues to say…

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November Monthly Economic Report – Goons Win Again?

FroggyStorm 2017-12-14

Same Story, Different Graph The November MER is out, and it is following the same trend lines going into the holidays as the previous couple MERs. I thought about putting in a subtitle to draw attention to Delve and how…

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September MER numbers released

FroggyStorm 2017-10-04

Monthly Economic Report, SEPT 2017 It is that time again boys and girls. Time for the real masters of Eve, the mathematicians and spreadsheet parsers, to get their monthly dose of raw data graph porn. I’ve always loved seeing the regional…

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July MER is Out. Results are Mixed

Erick Asmock 2017-08-19

CCP recently released the Monthly Economic Report for July 2017. It is interesting. Here, we don’t try to divine fleet movements or the like. We just look at what the report appears to show us economically. Initial Assessment Much of…