December MER Update

Erick Asmock 2018-01-15

MER, MER on the wall…

That’s right I don’t call it the M E R. I am stuck in MER as in mirror. Am I right or wrong…I simply don’t care.  The bottom line is that it continues to say GOONS WIN! It is clear that GSF  adapted early to the new META. Leaving Deklein and the North may have been the best thing for the Imperium. The timing was near perfect for the changes going on in EVE at the time. Delve is developing into a market hub, ratting and industrial complex. As a player there is nowhere better to go than Delve if you want to learn how to play EVE.

What they are doing with all that effort even I do not have a clue. I feel like revamping that old phrase from the expansion days in the USA.  Instead of telling the up and coming young ones to head West we say, “Go to Delve young man.”

If the EVE version of the Conestoga wagon isn’t happening yet and a trail across New Eden to Delve isn’t worn bare by now it should be.

Delve is the easy target for any MER article. One of the real issues with the MER is that since the release of moon mining CCP now blends the moon mining yield with normal mining. This needs to change. CCP should have had enough foresight to realize this and make the appropriate arrangements in advance.

The other thing CCP still needs to do is report in m3 rather than ISK. ISK reporting is only relevant for the day it was reported on. Changing values over time make comparisons impossible for trending.

This month we focus on mining reports in the MER. On the mining side the interesting story is the jousting for positions below Delve.

In October we can see Tribute way down the line. Esoteria is down there but not so far as Tribute.



Esoteria Rises

Come November and Tribute, who was around 250B ISK a month rockets to almost 1T ISK/m in mining.  Esoteria explodes from just under 1T ISK/m to over 2.5T ISK/m displacing Deklein and taking third place. TEST Alliance is clearly working hard and working to expand its industrial complex.


Tribute Begins to Adapt

Not much changes in December except that everyone except Delve increases in ISK mined. I chalk this up to the first moons coming online to mine in this timeframe.

What This Tells us About EVE

EVE is too big for the playerbase of today. Delve is an industrial powerhouse. It exemplifies what EVE is or at least should be. It is packed with both industrialists and players who want to fight. More often than not players want to play a little of each. Doing one thing all the time is what makes EVE boring.

If we can cram as many people into Delve as are there today and not use it to capacity, CCP needs to get on the marketing horse and get cracking. The rise of the industrial complex is a result of two key items. The first is that the current SOV system is unplayable in its current state. This reduces the incentive for war. Yes, I know people are saying we need more scarcity to push wars. Doing so at this point would be a disaster. Having terrible SOV mechanics and introducing a mechanic that forces players to use a terrible mechanic to play equals a serious reduction in players. SOV must be fixed first in order for EVE to move forward.

It also tells us that the vision CCP laid out for a self sufficient NulllSec can be a reality, but it isn’t organic. It needs planning that only the most organized alliances can bring to the table.

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  • I’m gonna say it again: what EVE needs is a 2018-compliant version of POS wafare. I know POS are legacy code and on their way out the door etc, etc, but here’s what CCP should do:

    – Code a new type of sov structure that is similar to a tower (looks dope, can fit weapons, requires fueling, REQUIRES STRONT-TIMING, etc)
    – Make those structures anchor at planets instead of moons to reduce the extent of possible structure-spam to a more manageable level (remember those systems back in the day that had like 200 moons? Nobody enjoyed having quite that many POS to kill)
    – He who possesses a plurality of the sov structures in a given system gets sov

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if they did this with Citadels, TBH. Much like how a refinery can be anchored anywhere, but only ones on moon-mining points can mine moons, they could make Citadels contribute to sov claims, but only when anchored at planets. Living in some shithole system nobody wants? Put a single Astrahus on one planet and sov is yours. Living in a bloc-warfare contested zone? Better keep a Keepstar on every planet…

    January 15, 2018 at 10:23 PM
    • Erick Asmock Ganthrithor

      You know your SOV system is bad when people are saying go back to SOV a few versions back.

      January 17, 2018 at 1:15 AM
  • Shegunna Blow

    Not even a link to the MER… come on bruh.

    January 16, 2018 at 1:59 AM
    • Erick Asmock Shegunna Blow

      You’re right… that was bad. Will not happen again.

      January 17, 2018 at 1:13 AM
  • Freelancer117

    Sov 5.0

    Working as intended

    January 16, 2018 at 11:49 AM
  • Alaric Faelen

    Worse, what you really get is watching fleets of ceptors bounce in, shoot the entosis ship, then warp off. Over and over. After an hour someone asks in fleet if we are winning or losing…because THAT is the mark of a terrible system.
    150 dudes bored for two hours, not even knowing if we are winning. Eventually we set home as desto and burn back. Yay for Fozziesov….
    How many ‘fights’ have I been to where I literally didn’t fire a shot, never burned a boosting charge, never activated a rep cycle…since Fozziesov ‘fixed’ DomSov?
    How many hours have I burned in a 250 man fleet, staring at an enemy 250 man fleet….and they don’t untether and we eventually just go home?
    It’s just a miserable game mechanic all around. Citadels only made it worse.
    Say what you will about DomSov, at least there I took part in gigantic battles with Baltec Megathrons blotting out the sun. Glory days compared to the reality of Fozziesov.

    January 21, 2018 at 6:57 PM