CCP Weekly Wrap-Up – May 18-24 2021


Header art by Cryo Huren

Nullification and Warp Module Update – Now Live

The nullification and warp core stabilizer changes are now live on TQ. This is the largest update to these mechanics in years and all players utilizing them should be aware of how they work.

Effectively, interdiction nullification is now a module that can be fitted to any ship, rather than a passive bonus on certain ships. Yachts and Interceptors also receive substantial role bonuses to the interdiction nullification module. The modules can also be activated while still cloaked after jumping through a stargate. In addition, shuttles now have a passive interdiction nullification bonus (finally).

New Supercarrier SKINs

CCP has released a “Ultraviolence Vortex” SKIN set for the Aeon, Wyvern, Nyx, and Hel. You can grab them from the New Eden store for 390 PLEX.

CSM 16 Candidates Announced

The new batch of 47 candidates for CSM has been announced and the campaign season has begun. The campaign season will last for two weeks until June 4th. CCP will also be hosting brief interviews with the candidates from May 25-28th on CCPTV. The interview schedule will be posted on Facebook and Twitter so you can check out the candidates you are most interested in.

New EVE Online Music on Spotify

An additional 20 tracks from EVE Online have been released on Spotify for your listening pleasure. Check it out, courtesy of CCP Oldboy.

New Website – EVE Academy

In what will hopefully be a boon to both new and old players alike, CCP has launched EVE Academy, a resource designed to cater to individual learning interests. EVE Academy was developed in collaboration with members of the EVE Online community and is currently in beta. Make sure to give it a look and leave feedback if there is something more you would like to see from this resource.

April 2021 Monthly Economic Report Released

For all you data lovers out there, the April MER has been released. I’m not an economist, but the very first graph looks to me like it shows production is waaay way down. Whether or not this is the war in the south, or CCP’s game design, I leave for the reader to decide. Also, it is no surprise that Delve leads in Total Destroyed Value by about double the next highest area. That’s all the free analysis you’re going to get from me though, so check the report out.

That Which Ebbs, Also Flows

Confucius didn’t say that as far as I know, but it sounds true enough. At least as far as CCP news items go. This week was a fairly juicy one in terms of content, so now that you’re armed with knowledge, get cracking.

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  • Maximus Ambramotte

    Effectively, interdiction nullification is now a module that can be fitted to any ship

    This is incorrect – only certain classes of ship such as interceptors, t3c’s, covert ops frigates and certain industrials can use a nullification module.

    May 25, 2021 at 10:29 AM