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Local Blackout Scheduled, CCP Already Inconsistent

Arrendis 2019-07-10

Nullsec is going dark. At downtime on Friday, July 12, CCP will be enacting the ‘Nullsec Blackout’, an attempt to shake things up in null and see what happens. The outage is a test, first announced in a Scope video…

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Breaking News: CCP Signals Silence in Null Sec Space

Paramemetic 2019-07-05

In an in-character Scope dispatch earlier today, CCP has signaled the likely end of local chat in nullsec space. Citing a shortage of the resources needed to maintain the “Fluid Router FTL” communications network, CCP announced a “reduction in bandwidth…

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Drifter Onslaught—What We Know, What We Think, What We’ve Heard

Arrendis 2019-07-01

On Wednesday, June 26, Drifter forces began attacking capsuleer structures all over New Eden’s null-sec regions. The sudden assault came as a surprise (though some have claimed ‘I totally knew it was coming’), and reinforced or destroyed structures from Esoteria…

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Drifter Invasion: Nullsec Response

Rhivre 2019-06-29

During a Fireside chat on June 29, The Mittani announced that during the day, an escalation in Drifter activities in nullsec had been observed, with increased spawns from those seen the previous days. The Imperium had 170 structures attacked by…

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Nullsec Burns as Drifters Attack

Miracle zizo 2019-06-28

Who are these Drifters? Drifters, a mysterious invading faction, first entered New Eden in early YC117 (2015). Capsuleers began to engage them after their assassination of the Amarr Empress, Jamyl I. They continued to attack different regions of empire space,…

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Breaking: ‘Boot.ini/Monocle Level Fuck Up’—Imperium to Reposition to Delve in Response to Drifter Attacks

Arrendis 2019-06-27

In a ping sent out minutes ago on Jabber, Goonswarm alliance leader the Mittani announced that the Imperium will cut short their campaign against the Pandemic Family of alliances (PanFam). This move comes in response to the sudden and unabating…

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BREAKING: Drifters Attacking Player Structures

Jin'taan 2019-06-26

Q-O in Delve was under attack just minutes ago by a force of what appears to be roughly 100 Drifter battleship, attempting to reinforce the Keepstar in the system. This has been followed by reports from TEST space of similar…

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Shall We Play A Game? Emergent AI Results In All-NPC Fight

Rhivre 2018-02-20

“The CDIA Working Group on Emergent Threats has assessed the intercepted tactical communiques from Blood Raider Covenant field commanders, together with the material from Joint Harvesting provided by the Amarr Navy. It seems clear to us that the attack by…

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Arataka Research Consortium and The Agency: Warzone

Rhivre 2017-09-22

On Tuesday, CCP released the latest installment of their Agency events, this one timed to coincide with the release of Valkyrie -Warzones on 26th September. The same day, The Discourse released a video.  The Discourse produce news videos in the…

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Lord of the Space Flies

Kael Decadence 2017-08-09

Recently, on The Mind Clash Podcast I had a slight rant regarding content generation in EVE Online where I threw shade on the idea that CCP requires its customers to be responsible for the fidelity of its product. Essentially I…

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Drifters’ Blood-Drenched Shadow War Spills Into The Light

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2016-12-06

When the Drifters first appeared, they were something mysterious to investigate and discover. They were dangerous, of course, but so is uranium. The first groups to look into the Drifters were along this theme: investigation and exploration. That changed when…

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Inception – A New Twist on EVE’s New Player Experience

Porkbutte 2016-10-18

Making New Eden Great Again (For Newbies) In a devblog released today by CCP Games, Team Genesis released the first peek at the direction the New Player Experience (NPE) is moving in. As the team behind reimagining the ways in…

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Jamyl State Funeral Announced —Will Drifters Threaten Security?

TMC Archives 2015-09-16

Imperial officials have announced that the official state funeral of Empress Jamyl I will take place on Amarr Prime on Sunday, September 20. Officials have stated that security concerns are paramount, the potent shields over the Imperial City have been enhanced….

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TMC Archives 2015-09-13

The Amarr Empire is sponsoring an event during the period of September 15-25 in order to prepare clone soldiers for the upcoming war, while capsuleers prepare for the tournament that will name the next emperor of the Amarr Empire. Participants…