2 Awful Loss of the Day


FroggyStorm 2017-06-08

June 6 was a busy day for the ALOD desk. Usually, we will see one or two humorous bits of fitting nonsense in a week. Yesterday, however, there were three worthy candidates in one day. Venture Forth little Bee Our…

3 Awful Loss of the Day

ALOD – NC. 232 Billion ISK Leviathan down

Moomin Amatin 2017-04-15

Well, it seems that Shnookumms from NC. is not having a good return to Eve. They seem to have had a little bit of an incident in the system of Tabbetzur. This resulted in this impressive single loss of a…

3 Awful Loss of the Day

ALOD – Ratting during a stratop

Stephanie Daugherty 2017-04-15

Today’s ALOD nearly speaks for itself. Ratting or mining while the entire might of your coalition is out on a stratop is rather dumb, but doing so in a Nyx? Carebears will be carebears, and Duncan fr of Tactical Narcotics…

6 Awful Loss of the Day


Robby Kasparic 2017-03-04

Corporate Police Force Incident Report Form 1030A Case Number: 119.3-5834C   Time of Incident: 119.3 1732 UNET Reporting Officer: Commissioner Issa Kiari  Preparing Officer: Commissioner Issa Kiari Incident Type: Criminal Capsuleer Activity and Termination Offender Name and Corporate Affiliation: Lee Tempest,…

8 Eve Online

ALOD: First Vendetta in EVE Killed by AWOX while Ratting

Macky Avelli 2017-03-02

Yep, you read that right. The first Vendetta loss has occurred in New Eden on March 1. Not only that, it died while ratting.  The faction supercarrier was estimated at an adjusted price tag of approximately 100b ISK. Favonius89 was…

3 Eve Online

ALOD: Azbel Blueprint tanked Ares ganked in Enderailen

Macky Avelli 2017-02-24

A spot of bad luck for the Butlerian Crusade and a black mark on their killboard as corp member Frankster Ijonen was caught asleep at the switch with a 25b Azbel blueprint in the cargohold. The lucky kill was scored…

5 Awful Loss of the Day

Multiboxed Rorquals down to PL in Delve

Stephanie Daugherty 2017-02-18

Pandemic Legion slaughtered seven rorquals belonging to a member of Goonswarm’s Chinese corporation, Peoples Liberation Army early Thursday morning. Total losses according to zkillboard exceeded 72 billion. Pandemic Legion apparently used a combination of a wormhole-based tackle fleet in conjunction…

5 Awful Loss of the Day

Awful Loss of the Day: 60 bil worth of FCON Rorquals

Jack 2017-02-12

FCON have been fighting hard for the coveted prize of worst killmail of the month with this calamity. The group lost over 60 billion ISK worth of Rorquals in a single drop. The group of unfortunate miners were dropped by a…

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Submission 2016-06-21

Looking at someone with a name like Swaghetti Yolognaise and a suspiciously empty killboard, you could be forgiven if you suspect ulterior motives for joining a corp with a fairly relaxed recruitment policy, and proceeding to lose something like this….

0 Eve Online

ALOD Triple Feature: Plex Tanks, and Overheated Betrayal

Submission 2015-12-14

No one ever undocks intending to become a notable killmail. Occasionally, we get reports of players who just came back into the game, and are in the process of getting some quick ISK while training some alts. This is the…

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Andrew Sturgis 2015-10-16

While getting a reaction might not be the goal of every new devblog, CCP Rise certainly has lived up to his name with his most recent devblog causing players from all walks of the universe to speak up for or…

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Anehii 2015-10-06

On Monday October 5 at roughly 1300 UTC, an Ark-class jump freighter, neutral to the local Imperium, was discovered on the YA0-XJ station undock. Nearby Imperium forces quickly picked up the scent, quickly tackling and ultimately vanquishing the Ark. YA0, in the beating…

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Submission 2015-09-16

Special thanks to Icarius of The Wings Of Maak for bringing this remarkable situation to our attention. Without your diligence we at the ALOD desk would never have discovered these killmails, and our lives would have been incomplete. Welcome back,…

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ALOD: Plex-tanked Bestower

Submission 2015-09-11

We all take risks in EVE eventually. It can take various forms: we don’t want to scout that system again, we just came through it; we don’t want to travel-fit our plexing Tengu again, it’s only 2 jumps and intel is dead; we…