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Submission 2015-09-07

Special thanks to Tyrant Scorn of Strategic Tactics And Recon for bringing this killmail to our attention; without their diligence in informing TMC of their accomplishment this fit might never have gotten the recognition it deserved. At the time of…

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ALOD: Not Fit for Discussion

Submission 2015-07-29

Yesterday in Jita, an Astero worth over ten billion ISK was downed by two NPC corp members in Thrashers. It was carrying mostly expensive implants and Ammatar Navy modules, and did not have anything fitted but a cloak. When contacted,…

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ALOD: The Damned Damnation

TMC Archives 2015-07-10

The great fun in EVE comes in many different forms and one, which is also profitable mind you, comes in the form of exploration. Using the veritable probe scanner, one scans down sites and proceeds to hack or scan sites…

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ALOD: Interceptor Intercept

Submission 2015-07-08

In The Citadel on 2015-07-04 at 17:40:00 in Tama, Piir8 engaged Jeb Hek IsCrap over Tama GateCamp and Piir8 emerged victorious. Jeb Hek IsCrap’s employment with Brave ended soon after. The lossmail can be found here, though the reader should…

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Submission 2015-06-17

Yesterday, on June 16 at 05:26 EVE, a Golem piloted by Solarsquirrel was destroyed on a lowsec undock by a pirate rookie ship flown by Raikia Nardieu, and the station’s guns.   As you can see, the Golem is not…

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ALOD : 25B Scorpion Navy Issue

TMC Archives 2015-06-15

On June 6th at around 1600 UTC the high security system of Funtanainen, a 0.9 system in Lonetrek, showed Ragnar CT-7543 that high security does not ensure safety. Ragnar CT-7543 was minding his own business in his Scorpion Navy Issue when…

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ALOD: It’s Raining BPCs

Submission 2015-06-12

Hauling can be dangerous business in Eve. Not only are you warping around in some of the least agile ships in the game, there’s also a good chance someone is aiming to blow you up for your cargo. That being…

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Losing an Aeon or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Welp Part 1

TMC Archives 2015-06-07

Writer’s Note: This is the story of moving my Aeon back to safe space after a campaign deployment. While some may interpret this as an op-ed, it was written as a story of one pilot trying to bring home the most expensive and slowest…

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ALOD: You Sure Showed Them!

Submission 2015-06-02

Family-run corporations are one of the most fantastic ways to play Eve. You have the safety and security of knowing your family will take care of each other while gaining the low tax rate, shared corporate hangars, and other benefits…

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ALOD: How to Not Haul in New Eden

TMC Archives 2015-06-01

Hauling is the lifeblood of EVE. Without it and industry, no supers can die, no titans can be tackled, and EVE would be boring. Hauling makes our little cluster of stars, space mad players, and scheming CEOs go round. This…

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ALOD: 10b ISK Tayra Ganked

TMC Archives 2015-05-29

Athos Torindol had just started his return trip to null sec during a routine supply run to Jita when Kid People’s Tornado cut his trip short. Athos’s Tayra, with its fit consisting only of four warp core stabilizers, was unable…

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ALOD: Another Case of Rhea Reckless Abandon

TMC Archives 2015-05-27

May 26, 2015, Jita, The Forge, approximately 21:00 UTC. Cr0nix of Emitethunter Entepresises, having recently renewed his pilot license, was in the process of moving over 20 billion ISK of his assets in his Rhea-class jump freighter from the Jita IV, Moon…

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ALOD: A tale of two Rorquals

Submission 2015-05-27

This ALOD is quite a painful one for the owner of three capital ships who is now down to one as a result of some sub-optimal choices regarding evacuation from Brothers of Tangra space in the North East. For reasons…

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ramon 2015-05-14

On May 9th, AssassinationsdoneWrong’s 24 billion ISK Golem was blown away by four Tornadoes, not in Kansas, but in Muvolailen (0.7, The Citadel). The Golem, an already expensive Marauder-class hull specialized for killing NPCs, was blinged-out with officer capacitor and…