ALOD: Not Fit for Discussion


Yesterday in Jita, an Astero worth over ten billion ISK was downed by two NPC corp members in Thrashers. It was carrying mostly expensive implants and Ammatar Navy modules, and did not have anything fitted but a cloak.

When contacted, Kamikadze 2015 said his buddy scanned the ship when it undocked. After being told what was in it, Kamikadze opened fire. His buddy, seeing the damage, fired as well, destroying the ship.¬†Normally in an ALOD, we would go over the fit. So here we go…

That covers pretty much everything but the cloak, which is the only module he got right. Or even there. Seriously, WTF?

With just a single covops cloak, one wonders what the pilot’s game plan was. We reached out to¬†UKtutka to find out, but so far, the reply’s been less existent than the fit.

Usually when trying to transport things of high value you want to use a travel fit interceptor or a travel fit cloaky interdiction nullified T3 cruiser. Apparently, though, this pilot elected to use a 70 million ISK faction frigate. Obviously, they could afford it. Unlike hardeners. Or warp stabs. Or taking the time to make an insta-undock.

No, seriously, WTF?

TMC would like to thank Kamikadze 2015 for their contribution. As indicated, we have reached out to the Astero’s owner and will update this article with their response when and if it is received.

This article originally appeared on, written by Siaka Stevens.

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