2 More Nyxes Nixed


The last few days have seen the destruction of another pair of hapless ratting Nyxes.

On July 24 in I1Y-IU in Querious at 13:45, the Nyx belonging to Sieur NewT was destroyed by Confederation of XXPIZZAXx and Pandemic Legion pilots.

The supercarrier was ratting fit, with faction DDAs and Drone Control Units, though interestingly, it just had four of these – making it not even a fully functioning ratter. When contacted for comment, Stephan Schneider, orchestrator of the kill and an old hand at ambushing Darkness supercapitals, responded with this evemail.


we knew he was ratting with his nyx and once we figured out his favorite tz we set up for him.
taipansam[sic] got the initial tackle on it and since pl had dreads closeby we moved mids in-place to kill it asap(before the head-fc of darkness, vlade randall arrives)”


This marked the eighteenth supercapital to die this month, as well as the tenth supercarrier and sixth Nyx. The seventh would come only a few days later.

WBLF-0 in Stain at 21:27 EVE time hosted the death of a Nyx belonging to alco82pl of Good Sax. Worth 22 billion ISK, this one was destroyed by a combined Spectre Fleet/Bomber’s Bar fleet composed mainly of stealth bombers.


TMC contacted QuickSwipe Collier, FC of the NPSI fleet for comment. The conversation is as follows.

TMC > Hey, thanks for contacting us.
QuickSwipe Collier > its fine. you have questions

TMC > About the nyx kill, yes. What can you tell me about what all happened with that?
QuickSwipe Collier > A random pilot approached FC’s in the Spectre Public channel, I convo’d him & investigated further. The intel seemed to be good so we formed up bombers to kill it. The super was 1 WH hop from hisec ( Hisec -. C2 -> Null) so that factored into the bomber decision. the guy w/ the intel managed to get the decloak on the Nyx and proceeded to bubble, our fleet warped in & proceeded to engage the nyx throughout the system until it died

TMC > What all happened in the system?
QuickSwipe Collier > we used focused void bombs to prevent him from jumping out via cap drain & hero dictors managed to keep him held down for the majority of the time. at various points, the bubbles went down, but were quickly re-established. capacitor warfare prevented jumping out, but at one point he managed to warp off. he ended up on a gate @ 0, but due to his fighters in space, those proceeded to inadvertantly agress targets so even though he was on gate, he was cap low & agressed & in that point in the attack he was in low structure. he died on the gate.

TMC > How long did the attack take, from initial warp in to his death?
QuickSwipe Collier > judging by the first bomber death, about 30 mins +or – 10 mins

TMC > Awesome. Any other comments?
QuickSwipe Collier > he used his fighters on us so we maintained distance from him & outside our own bubbles, so his fighters were majoritably wasted efforts. none of this would have been possible without the efforts of the NPSI communities Spectre Fleet & Bombers Bar ( who played a lesser role in the event). I think thats about it

As we can see, this is an instance of someone perhaps getting bored and/or wanting some large explosions to happen and getting it done. A good kill for all involved in the fun.

TMC would like to thank QuickSwipe Collier of Spectre Fleet, and Stephan Schneider of Pandemic Legion for their contributions. We have reached out to Sieur NewT and alco82pl for comment. This article will be updated with their responses when and if they are received.

Our congratulations to the killers. Death to all Supers.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Siaka Stevens.

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