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Why the Nullsec Blackout Won’t Fix EVE

Arrendis 2019-07-15

After Downtime on Friday, Jul 12, nullsec went dark. The Nullsec Blackout is a period of ‘undetermined’ duration, during which Local chat will function in ‘delayed mode’. This means that until a character enters text into Local, they will not…

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Triumvirate Titans and Supers Down in LS

mistwarden 2018-12-23

Ten Triumvirate titans and various support ships have been destroyed in what looks to be a move op gone wrong. The fighting took place in the Uemon system in the forge region. Total losses in the engagement topped 1.1 trillion…

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CONCORD CRACKDOWN: CCP Executes Suspected Botters to Open ‘GM Week’

Arrendis 2018-08-20

YULAI – AUGUST 20: CCP opened up ‘GM Week‘ today with a bang, teleporting in ‘willing test subjects’ and setting them with a Suspect flag in front of a small horde of eager PvPers. The slaughter marks the beginning of…

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Breaking News: UALX-3 Keepstar Titan fight

Rhivre 2018-07-19

The Legacy Keepstar in UALX-3 came out of it’s anchoring timer overnight. Panfam and their associates are trying to destroy it, whilst Legacy & Imperium are defending. The fight started out as mostly a subcap fight as the keepstar came…

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Pavlov’s Dragon

Asher 2018-03-26

Rewatching yourself FC EVE is pretty unimpressive. You get the sense of “is that it?” and “it seems like anyone could do this”. Most FCing is like hiring a plumber. You aren’t paying for him to turn a wrench and…

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Northern Coalition Supers and Titans Going Down as The Imperium Moves to Attack

Macky Avelli 2017-08-04

Not long after the much anticipated State of the Goonion and subsequent Imperium deployment to the North, the kills are pouring in. The Imperium’s strategy of holding their cards close to their chest appears to have paid off, as NC….

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Erebus Downed In Venal Capital Brawl

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-05-22

At approx. 14:20 today, a battle broke out over an Out Of Sight. (OOS) POS in the system of HD-JVQ in the NPC region of Venal. The final tally of destruction came in over 170 billion ISK, and included an…

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TEST Leviathan Dies in Stain

Arrendis 2017-04-26

A TEST Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) Leviathan worth approximately 118b ISK has been killed tonight by Stainwagon forces in the Stain system of 4GQ-XQ. According to commenters on the /r/eve subreddit, the pilot is planning to quit EVE. He may have tried…

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Second CO2 Nyx Dies

Kendarr 2017-04-19

A day after a CO2 Nyx was caught and executed, an elite Imperium dread squad has caught and executed a second ratting Nyx from the same corp. A cloaky scout was camping the system of FG-1GH in Impass when he noticed the…

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The Culture Aeon Dies In 78B Brawl in CHA2-Q

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-03-20

The region of Fountain has been the subject of a recent eviction campaign of LowSechnaya Sholupen, and their allies, by The Culture as “They do not play well with others.” The latest incident on March 20 began relatively small, but…

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ALOD: First Vendetta in EVE Killed by AWOX while Ratting

Macky Avelli 2017-03-02

Yep, you read that right. The first Vendetta loss has occurred in New Eden on March 1. Not only that, it died while ratting.  The faction supercarrier was estimated at an adjusted price tag of approximately 100b ISK. Favonius89 was…

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The Battle of SH1-6P

Arrendis 2016-08-22

TRIBUTE Region: Saturday August 20. EVE Online saw the largest engagements of supercapitals in recent memory, since the historic fight in B-R. Pandemic Legion (PL) and Northern Coalition. (NC) with help from Triumvirate (TRI) which leads the Vanguard Coalition, attacked a supercapital shipyard…

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Rhivre 2016-08-20

BREAKING NEWS TRIBUTE: Saturday August 20. Fighting broke out in SH1-6P when Pandemic Legion (PL) reinforced a Circle of Two (CO2) Super cap assembly array (SCAA). TEST and Snuff joined to assist their friends in CO2, whilst Northern Coalition (NC.) joined…

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Great Wildlands: Another Rigless Titan Down

TMC Archives 2015-11-25

On November 23 at 1052 in the system of CI4M-T in Great Wildlands, a rigless Ragnarok owned by Shawn Ramirez of Shadow of xXDEATHXx was destroyed only moments after constuction. She was worth 100.7B ISK, mostly due to the titans…