Great Wildlands: Another Rigless Titan Down


On November 23 at 1052 in the system of CI4M-T in Great Wildlands, a rigless Ragnarok owned by Shawn Ramirez of Shadow of xXDEATHXx was destroyed only moments after constuction. She was worth 100.7B ISK, mostly due to the titans lack of module fittings. In fact, other than the Gjallarhorn doomsday device (worth approximately 650M ISK), the titan was only partially fitted with tech 2 modules. This titan loss comes only nine hours after another titan was lost in Aridia. A poster on reddit mentioned that, had the titan pilot fit a smartbomb, he would have easily been able to fend of the interdictors that pointed him. He stated that “one of the dictors was even close enough to hit the titan with a civilian rail gun”, which would have been close enough to hit with a smartbomb.

Memento Moriendo is responsible for the downed ship. After a mistake in the titan pilots navigational judgement, Memento dropped five dreadnoughts, five Archons, and a Nyx supercarrier to seal the deal. This was not the first time Ramirez has lost a titan. Sources state that he is possibly a builder and has a habit of losing titans right after he builds them. Just over a month ago on October 26 in H-8F5Q of Great Wildlands, Anna Ramirez (probably Shawn’s alt) lost an Avatar to Memento.

On April 13, Anna Ramirez was caught moving another Avatar through low sec worth 102B ISK. It was caught by Pandemic Legion and Wrecked. in the system of Dooz and was immediately destroyed by a fleet of BLOPs with some assistance from a Leviathan, a Revenant, and two Nyxes. Video from the attackers perspective is seen below:


TMC has reached out to Memento for an interview on the recent kill and we will update this article as information becomes available.

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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