Erebus Downed In Venal Capital Brawl


At approx. 14:20 today, a battle broke out over an Out Of Sight. (OOS) POS in the system of HD-JVQ in the NPC region of Venal. The final tally of destruction came in over 170 billion ISK, and included an Erebus-class titan.

The aggressors in the battle, Legion of xXDeathXx and their allies in the Drone Regions Federation (DRF) coalition, brought a Rattlesnake fleet with Dreadnought and Force Auxiliary support, while it appears OOS. had the same idea, forming Rattlesnakes, Dreadnoughts, and Force Auxiliaries—however, OOS. and their allies had SuperCarriers, and Titans as well.

Indications are that the DRF dropped their capitals onto the objective, and began  to siege, at which point the defenders also dropped their capitals. At 14:23, the first capital died, a DRF. Naglfar. As the next few minutes progressed, the DRF focused all the power of their Dreadnoughts on the enemy capitals. In the initial salvos, OOS. appeared to be winning the capital battle, yet they switched their fire to the DRF Rattlesnakes, taking them down one at a time.

In the middle of the fighting, a DRF Erebus suddenly found itself on the battlefield. Whether the pilot intentionally meant to jump into the fray is unknown right now. Regardless, the Erebus found itself under a hail fire from the OOS. Capital and Super Capital squadron. It died quickly, just minutes into the fight.



After the opposing sides traded a few more Capital kills, OOS. and their allies managed to extract most of their Capital and Super Capital squadron, and conceded the field to their opponents.  The capitals that failed to extract were soon lost to the DRF fleet, which was bolstered by another 100-man Rattlesnake fleet. This second subcapital fleet may have been intended to bridge into the fray using the Erebus.

DRF were able to claim victory of the objective. OSS. will, however, doubtless be happy to have inflicted a heavy loss on their enemy, and claim victory in the ISK war.

INN has reached out to both sides of this battle, but has received no reply at this time.



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  • PyrrhusBrinalle

    It is DRF I doubt the loss of a titan is a big set back.

    May 22, 2017 at 11:48 PM