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Erebus Downed In Venal Capital Brawl

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-05-22

At approx. 14:20 today, a battle broke out over an Out Of Sight. (OOS) POS in the system of HD-JVQ in the NPC region of Venal. The final tally of destruction came in over 170 billion ISK, and included an…

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Submission 2016-04-28

Region: Lonetrek System: Otsasai On April 26, at 17:48 EVE time, Snuffed Out and Project Mayhem engaged a massive fleet of Rattlesnakes from Soviet-Union, C0VEN, and STEL-. The would-be faction battleship slugfest quickly escalated to a dreadnought fight, resulting in…

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Halloween Hakonen Brawl Claims 87 Billion ISK

TMC Archives 2015-11-01

EVE’s northern hemisphere has been on fire as of late, with the region of Lonetrek seeing heavy fighting between resident and neighboring alliances Project.Mayhem, Snuffed Out, Pandemic Legion, NC., and several Imperium alliances. On October 31, 2015, a particularly bloody conflict erupted…

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Imperium Titans Bait OOS Dreadnoughts in Venal, 99B ISK Destroyed

Arrendis 2015-05-16

An Imperium supercap fleet counter-dropped an Out of Sight. [OOS] capital ambush in 8CIX-S (Venal) May 12th, in a battle that destroyed more than 99 billion ISK. The situation was similar to the POS trap that OOS, with the aid…