Halloween Hakonen Brawl Claims 87 Billion ISK


EVE’s northern hemisphere has been on fire as of late, with the region of Lonetrek seeing heavy fighting between resident and neighboring alliances Project.MayhemSnuffed Out, Pandemic Legion, NC., and several Imperium alliances. On October 31, 2015, a particularly bloody conflict erupted in the system of Hakonen, between Project.Mayhem, NC., and the Imperium over a moon owned by Circle-Of-Two.

In terms of fleet compositions, Project.Mayhem fielded armor Machariels, backed up by Out of Sight dreadnoughts and 3 triage Archons. NC. also showed up in support of Project.Mayhem with a large fleet of armor Tech III cruisers, mostly Proteuses and Legions. In opposition to these two fleets, the Imperium fielded two fleets of their own, with Circle-Of-Two bringing a Machariel fleet, alongside a Hurricane fleet lead by Dabigredboat of Goonswarm Federation.

The fight kicked off as Circle-Of-Two and Project.Mayhem landed on a CO2-owned POS in Hakonen. Circle-Of-Two almost immediately brought in a small group of dreadnoughts and a triage Archon, aiming to gain the advantage over Project.Mayhem’s subcapitals. Project.Mayhem responded quickly by bringing in their own triage Archons and dreadnoughts.

Unbeknownst to Project.Mayhem, Goonswarm Federation FC Dabigredboat had been waiting for them to escalate, and as soon as the Project.Mayhem capitals cynoed in, he bridged in his fleet of Hurricanes. Not to be out-escalated, Project.Mayhem called in their allies from Out of Sight, a Venal-based alliance, who dropped in 10 close range “blap” dreads.

From here both sides began to trade dreadnoughts and subcapitals, with Project.Mayhem’s capital group holding a distinct advantage in dreadnought firepower. Circle-Of-Two’s dreadnoughts did not go down without a fight however, as they managed to wipe out Project.Mayhem’s triage group. With these carriers dead, Project.Mayhem FCs were quickly shot down, and the Project.Mayhem subcapital fleet fled the field.

Project.Mayhem’s remaining capitals were reinforced by NC., who arrived just as Project.Mayhem withdrew from the field. NC. quickly took out Dabigredboat, and began to tear through the Circle-Of-Two Machariel fleet. With losses mounting from the NC. fleet, Circle-Of-two and Goonswarm Federation withdrew into their tower, and the battle was concluded.

In total, approximately 87.58 billion ISK was destroyed in this battle, with Project.Mayhem/NC./Out Of Sight inflicting 37.63 billion in damages, and the Imperium dealing 44.85 billion in return.

While the ISK losses for this engagement are quite high, it is probable that this region will see more skirmishes like this one as Project.Mayhem and Circle-Of-Two continue to battle over money moons. Older fights between these two feuding alliances such as the battle for Taisy and Nalvula certainly show that both sides are committed to continuing their fights, regardless of the cost.

TMC has reached out to Project.Mayhem and NC., and will update this article with their responses.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Sven Tekitsu.

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