Region: Lonetrek

System: Otsasai

On April 26, at 17:48 EVE time, Snuffed Out and Project Mayhem engaged a massive fleet of Rattlesnakes from Soviet-Union, C0VEN, and STEL-. The would-be faction battleship slugfest quickly escalated to a dreadnought fight, resulting in a nearly 85B ISK engagement.

SU,The Afterlife.LSH vs.Project.Mayhem,OOS.Snuffed Out(Battle in Otsasai 26.04.16)

Snuffed Out undocked and warped to the Otsasai gate with just under seventy pilots in their Machariel fleet. After jumping through the gate, the Snuffed Out fleet set up to fight the incoming Rattlesnakes. The Russian Rattlesnake fleet landed on the Nalvula gate in Otsasai and began the fight. Once the fight began, Snuffed Out almost immediately escalated to capitals, jumping in seventeen dreadnoughts and three Archons. To answer the escalation, The Afterlife. and -LSH- jumped nearly fifty Moroses and Naglfars. Out of Sight, who came in as a third party in Tengus, was quite late to the brawl and landed as the Snuff dreadnoughts were under fire. After the Russian dread bomb hit the field it was evident that Snuffed Out’s dreadnought fleet was going to be lost and one by one the BBC dreads fell.

The combined Russian fleet lost one Chimera and three Naglfars, while wiping out every Snuff capital on the field except for one Naglfar; I guess he didn’t want the insurance? Snuffed Out and Project Mayhem also lost six Machariels during the engagement.

A member of Snuffed Out stated, “We formed the Machs and brought suicide dreads to go die because of the patch. It was much cheaper to lose them there, so we went to Otsasai.”

Snuffed Out and Project Mayhem took just under 72B ISK in damages while dealing 13.2B ISK to the Russian fleet. This came just a day before the Citadel patch hit which would bring several changes to dreadnoughts, to include pricing and insurance rates. This has pushed many players to “insurance fraud” their dreads and most alliances throughout New Eden have been quite playful with their dreadnoughts in the weeks prior to the patch.

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