ALOD: A tale of two Rorquals


This ALOD is quite a painful one for the owner of three capital ships who is now down to one as a result of some sub-optimal choices regarding evacuation from Brothers of Tangra space in the North East.

For reasons known only to himself, Shae Bird had decided to move his Rorqual containing what appears to be much of his inventory (including capital and T2 bpcs) from Etherium reach into Forge through gates unscouted. This area is on the fringes of lowsec and pretty hot. Last time I was there two Russian alliances were clashing over moons and local was very busy.

Minmatar Assassin was one of the pilots who caught the Rorqual and had this to say:

Minmatar Assassin > here is a very hot gate (LXQ) and the next one, Paala where capitals can’t jump through because of jump range so people are doing ops to move capitals with support though those gates.

Minmatar Assassin > active groups doing this are Tri, Nulli secunda and Xdeath.

Minmatar Assassin > but sometimes magic happens and random caps jumps though gate.

Minmatar Assassin > he landed on gate, we tackled from that side forcing him to jump, when he jumped he cloaked, but this didn’t helped him much.

Minmatar Assassin > so it was uncloaked and we called our friends GIS corp to get on mails.

Minmatar Assassin > they arrived via titan from Messoya very quickly.

Minmatar Assassin > and job was done.

Minmatar Assassin > all that happened in system with 100 Nulli members and they didn’t smell any action on gate

Minmatar Assassin > so we successfully looted.

TMC > So he jumped through a heavily camped lowsec gate in a 13b Isk Rorqual holding everything he owns?

TMC > did he use a scout at all? If you were able to tell?

Minmatar Assassin > no scout.

Minmatar Assassin > I think that dude just come back to game, saw he didn’t have any space owned.

Minmatar Assassin > so ninja evacuated, but…

This unfortunate pilot must have been under some pressure to evacuate because less than 24 hours later he did exactly the same thing with another Rorqual and a Moros.

Einstein is credited with the phrase “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results” and by now Minmatar Assassin and his friends in Suddenly Spaceships must have watchlisted this poor pilot because they scanned down both these ships in a safe spot far from the safety of a station and managed to agress the Rorqual as both characters were panic logged. From that point on there was only one outcome – the exact same as the day before.

Back to Minmatar Assassin for the details:

Minmatar Assassin > Second kill

Minmatar Assassin > next day

Minmatar Assassin > GIS member probed him down in safe spot

Minmatar Assassin > Several AU from npc stations

Minmatar Assassin > He logged off instantly the Moros and Rorq

Minmatar Assassin > 2 chars

Minmatar Assassin > but Svipul managed to put aggro on him

Minmatar Assassin > We camped that Moros later for 24 h

Minmatar Assassin > but he logged back maybe after 2 days and instantly jumped out his Moros

Minmatar Assassin > also I don’t find any sense hanging in a safespot in a low sec system with 2 npc stations

Minmatar Assassin > so people just do illogical things, heh

TMC > Well thanks for talking to us, is there anything else you would like to add?

Minmatar Assassin > I don’t even know .. its was casual kill, just not casual loot

Minmatar Assassin > 😉

TMC > Still well done. Good luck getting more like it and thanks again!

Congratulations to the pilots who are now over 7b richer and best of luck to Shae getting his Moros safely docked up somewhere. We have tried to get in touch with him for the other side of the story but so far he has been (understandably) reluctant to talk about it.

This article originally appeared on, written by Johnny Twelvebore.

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