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Did the CFC Just Win EVE?

TMC Archives 2014-02-20

INTRODUCTION The “Halloween War” took a sharp turn when CFC/RUS triumphed over N3PL in the great titan clash of B-R. The battle was quickly followed by evacuations and retreats by N3PL forces. This led many EVE players to ponder the…

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Sisters of Eve Ships to be Obtainable Using Chips

TMC Archives 2014-01-31

Since their release, the Stratios and Astero have suffered from being rather overpriced compared to other faction ships. This is due to the fact that they cost 50% more than their counterparts for the majority of the people who run…

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Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2014-01-29

EVE Online, CCP Games’ flagship title, is a big game. In an industry where multiplayer matches are considered big at 64 players, EVE sees thousands of pilots all pile into a system to duke it in battles that can last…

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Submission 2014-01-28

On the one-year anniversary of the Battle of Asakai, New Eden again exploded in spaceship violence. The battle in B-R has already surpassed all records set before, with over 70 titans killed and trillions of ISK in damages. As with…

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Kerbal Space Program: Top Mod Picks

TMC Archives 2014-01-01

Based on the criteria of sheer moddability and user-created content, Kerbal Space Program is an unmitigated success. For a game that is still considered an alpha build, there has already been a massive outpouring of user generated content. Below are…

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MWO: Clan Mech Packs Spark Controversy

TMC Archives 2013-12-14

The Clanners are coming! The Clanners are coming! What’s a Clanner? What do you mean, what’s a Clanner? Fine, a history lesson then. Back in the early days of Battletech the only factions in play belonged to the Houses of the Inner…

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MechJeb: Kerbal Space Program Easymode

TMC Archives 2013-12-09

Do you suck at Kerbal Space Program? Can you not get into orbit around the Mun, much less reach the distant moons of Jool? That’s okay, until I discovered MechJeb neither could I. One of the best things about KSP…

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Sisters of Eve Astero and Stratios Fits

TMC Archives 2013-11-18

The extremely versatile and powerful Sisters of Eve ships caught the attention of EFT warriors and theory crafters everywhere when their stats were released last month. In this video are some of the best brawling and kiting fits for both…

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Submission 2013-11-15

I’d like to tell you about a mythical land, flowing with milk and honey. I’d like to tell you about a place where the ISK is never ending, where the native population is generally unskilled and domesticated, and where a capsuleer…

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The Life and Death of the first Chremoas

TMC Archives 2013-10-25

In contrast to the blaze of stupidity that was the first Moracha loss, the first Chremoas left a trail of burning wrecks in its invisible wake. In roughly two months of flying the Chremoas, Tropic9 and his alt destroyed over…

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Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher Analysis

TMC Archives 2013-10-07

The raw damage that ships are capable of is an easily calculated figure, and has become one of the primary means of comparing PvP fits and ships. This is a logical comparison to make, as all of the qualities that a combat ship possess are directly…

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Tech 3 Cruisers: Reality Check

Submission 2013-09-30

On March 10th, 2009, CCP released wormholes and four Tech 3 (T3) Strategic Cruisers in the Apocrypha expansion, including one hull for each of the major Empire factions: Legion, Loki, Proteus, and Tengu. Ever since their introduction, Strategic Cruisers have been an indispensable, and often expensive, tool of exploration…

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TMC Archives 2013-09-26

With so many champions and item builds, the range of possibilities when creating a League of Legends team is pretty staggering. This has led to a variety of strategies, centered around a few team concepts, which are then tweaked around for…

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World of Tanks: Rating Systems

TMC Archives 2013-09-17

Everyone’s Stats Obsessed Statistics are becoming an ever more popular feature in online games, especially those with a competitive element. Whether it’s because players like to brag, improve their skills, or need good stats to get entry into a clan,…