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BREAKING – Imperium Supercapitals Tackled in KVN-36

Submission 2015-05-09

(4:28:02 PM) directorbot: MOVE OP AMBUSHED: We’re down 2 Titans and 3 supers due to an ambush on the final move op from the southwest towards the north. We have a Ishtar fleet and Harpy fleet about to arrive on…

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GSF CEO Update: The Imperial March

Submission 2015-04-14

(Editor’s Note: Alliance Updates are aimed at internal audiences and usually are considered the gospel truth by their membership but vile propaganda by everybody else. You should definitely know this by now. Now, enjoy this update from The Mittani.) lord marshal…

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Tactical Destroyer Early Review

FroggyStorm 2015-03-30

As happens every year, CCP uses Fanfest as a means to publicize and create excitement around upcoming content plans. For example, last fall at Eve Vegas we got our first looks at the tactical destroyer plans. As the haze should…

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Annual Character Stats Now Available

Submission 2015-03-24

Three new third party developed sites using the power of the CREST API: Yearly Character Stats endpoints are now available to the public. These new endpoints were discussed at Fanfest 2015 day 1, and are being used by the following…

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Circadian Seeker Retaliation

Submission 2015-01-19

Circadian Seekers were introduced in Rhea as a roaming sleeper drone NPC that mysteriously warped around star systems scanning objects. Up until the Proteus expansion, these Seekers would not attack and would simply allow pilots to destroy them. These drones are now fully capable of…

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Submission 2014-08-19

Blink is shutting down. Somer posted the following announcement: Hey friends, Thanks for all the years of Blink that we’ve spent together. It’s been a long four years– some of it longer than others! Unfortunately, as of today, Blink is…