Imperium Revenant Sacrificed, Mordus Angels Deceived


May 31, 2015. 22:30 UTC.  The dust has now settled at JU-0WQ, Planet III, Moon 1; the site where a Revenant Supercarrier, valued at approximinately 105b isk and piloted by dabigredboat (DBRB), was sacrified to the Welp Godsby the Imperium.  This kill marks the fourth Revenant class supercarrier to be destroyed in the history of New Eden.  Along with Imperium forces, multiple neutral and hostile entities arrived in Deklein, including Pandemic Horde, WAFFLES, and others, to either interject and/or partake in the ritual sacrifice.  The ensuing fight saw over 1900 capsuleers, 2747 ships, and assets destroyed that approximated toward a value of 183 billion isk.

The resulting killreport of the Imperium owned Revenant Supercarrier sacrified to the Welp Gods.

The Revenant, piloted by Ilsea, in the midst of the fray.

Attacking forces participating in the sacrifice included Dreadnaughts, Ravens, Scorpions, Megathrons and a smorgasbord of other sub-capital ships.  The Revenant was defended by the Imperium’s European Goonion using Nightmares, supported by as many as 70 Logistics and Support cruisers.  Notable sacrifices of the ritual in addition to the Revenant included 3 Revelations and an Archon alongside 2 Nightmares and numerous T1, T2 and faction battleships.  The extremely rare blue print copy for the Revenant was originally looted by the European Goonion a few weeks ago.  Due to circumstantial politics surrounding the exact ownership of the Revenant BPC, it was decided that the Supercarrier would be built, piloted by DBRB and sacrificed to the welp gods.

The Revenant Supercarrier, under heavy fire, is determined to take out as many Imperium aggressors as possible using a combination of Fighters and an EMP Smartbomb.

Under close inspection, the pilot of the destroyed Revenant owned by DBRB, hailed the flag of Dissident Agressors, a MOA member corporation, and not that of Merch Industrial, a Goonswarm Federation (CONDI) member corporation, wherein Ilsea has served for a tenure of over 6 years.  As a clever ruse, DBRB tricked MOA into accepting his character into MOA under the terms that DBRB would be stealing the Revenant for them.  Since Ilsea was now in Moa, the lossmail would be reflective of MOA and not of CONDI, resulting in a significant loss to MOA killboard statistics.

“I have a gift for MOA

From: Dabigredboat

Sent: 2015.05.28 02:18

To: Gen Eve,  MASSADEATH,  

Convo me whenever tonight for the next hour, if not tonight I might be around tomorrow night, I have a nice “gift” for moa if they want it.”

-Dabigredboat.”  DBRB establishing communication with Gen Eve and MASSADEATH, leaders of MOA days prior to the Revenant sacrifice.

A blaster Megathron activates its microjumpdrive upon recieving heavy fire by Ilsea’s fighter-bombers.  In the background, Lazarus Talraven’s Erebus-class Titan navigates around the POS shield periphery activating doomsday weaponry to enforce the ‘no capitals’ rule of the event.

Upon destruction of the Revenant, chaos erupted, and any remaining Imperium forces were ordered to engage the European Goonion Nightmare defensive fleet. The logistics-supported Nightmares held at bay an organized Raven fleet alongside a variety of other ships, and in stepwise fashion, took down many Imperium aggressors to finally establish grid victory.

European goonion Nightmares laying waste to all in their path at the conclusion of the Revenant Sacrifice.

At the event’s conclusion, the ‘boat goat sacrifice saw over 180 billion isk in asset destruction, the claiming of a rare killmail by Imperium forces, and a killboard loss hit to MOA of 105b isk.

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